How To: Create Beautiful Hair Ties for Sisterlocks, and Dreadlocks

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Below are the step by step instruction on how to create loc hair ties for sisterlocks, dreadlocks, or thick natural hair. The initial cost may be a bit more at first, but once you have the main supply, doing your own hair ties can be quite a affordable solution to styling your locks. Also note: To make a functional hair tie, all you need is Gogo Pendant, Bone Hair Pipe, and Elastic Cord (2mm). All the other stuff are extra to make your hair tie pretty.

Material Needed
Elastic Cord (2mm)
Bone Hair Pipe (1 inch or 1 1/2 inch)
Donut, Beads, & Gogo Pendant (30mm or more)
Beads (Optional)
Measuring Tape  (Optional)

Step 1: Figure out the design or color you’re going for and then select your gogo, bone hair pipe, and beads.

Step 2: Measure about 22 inches of elastic cord on your measuring tape or you can try eyeballing it.

Step 3: Take your elastic cord and slide it into the hair pipe.

Step 4: Then you going to even out the elastic cord and make a TIGHT knots around the bone hair pipe. I tied it 2x times just to be on the safe side.

Note: If the knots is not in the center don't worry about it, just move the bone pipe to the center of the knot.

Step 5: Put the two elastic cords together and then you going to take your largest beads (2-3 beads) and slide them both through the cords. This is just too hide the knots from step 4, as well as to give your hair tie a little bling. This is a totally optional Step.

Step 6: Then you are going to add your gogo, donut, or bead pendant through both elastic cord as well.

Step 7: You going to take the excess elastic cords and slide it through the first bead, this is going to be your gogo holder.

Step 8: Optional accent is to take the two excess elastic cords and just add different and unique beads to the ends. If you are not interested in accent, then go to step 9.

Here you can make thing even, or for a different style, uneven. Note: Make sure the last accent bead is small.

Step 9: Final Step is to tie and knots the elastic cord individually. That is what holds the accent beads & gogo in. Note if you have extra elastic cord at the end just clip them off.

Below is the final result of my custom DIY homemade hair tie. If you want to see what you can do by following the above steps click here.

Note: I had a Loc Jewerly on the left hand side of my sisterlocks. That is why you see a little silver thing by the Gogo.

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  1. Love it! These look great. Awesome tutorial. My hair isn't too long yet, but I can't wait to make some for my locks. :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback!!!! I really wanted to know if this tutorial was clear enough.

  3. You've made a beautiful hair tie!!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Your head ties are beautiful. Where can I purchase the materials.

    1. Hi Nikon, if you click on the links above, you can see where to get most of the materials. Thanks for the compliment.


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