I was inspired by many of my fellow bloggers that I visited this past week with this outfit. Never thought that leopard would look so chic with white, but it does. The gold zipper accent on this cream skirt (available here) ties with this white top (available here) turn this outfit into a nice and classy outfit for work. So if you guys are still looking to spice up your all white outfit for memorial weekend, try this out.

By the way, one of my coworker at my new job stated she that she always look forward to what I would be wearing the following day because she feels I always look great. Ladies...we have a winner over here...yes! As always thanks for the comments on my last post.

This the most comfortable outfit EVER. I really did enjoy wearing this dress for a more causel look that is both comfortable and chic to. I'm so tempting to get the stripe version as well, but I will be good and try not to get two of something I like. This dress is still available at H&M here.

Matching a dress with tennis shoes are always something that is difficult to pull, but I always believe that a shirt dress can be varsity enough that it can look nice with heels, as well as tennis shoes. So if
you want ever wanted to try the dress/tennis shoes look, give the Piqué Dress a try.

When I originally purchased these pastel purse and shoes, I never thought I would use them as much as I do now. The pale pink of the purse and shoes works as a perfect companion to any pastel color items like this portfolio shirt, (available here) down to the white jeans (available here). They are just perfect for spring and the up-coming summer. So, if you haven't yet, add some pastel colors to your closet.

I do have a couple posts that are not related to what I wore series, that I seriously want to work on, but I just haven't had the time to focus on them yet. One upcoming post is the new concecler I have been wearing for the past months, and another about shampooing the longer Sisterlocks (my hair). So reader, please bare with me as I try to work through the ache and pain of doing a full and part time job. As always ladies, thanks for the lovely compliments on the last post, they do mean a lot to me...xoxo.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been taking pictures for the "What I Wore" series, they just haven't been to my liking, and you guys know how valuable my time is now, I honestly prefer to post quality vs. quantity. So if I'm not happy with an outfit or the quality of the photos, I won't be sharing them (well maybe later on my epic yearly fail post lol).

Right now I'm still trying to hold on to the fun expect of blogging, and lately I have been feeling very frustrated.  I'm seriously nervous about the fact that I'm so worry about posting every week, and visiting my fellow bloggers, that I may start seeing this blogging as a chore/job and not as a hobby. Making this a job was never the reason why I started blogging.  Ugh.... enough about my worries and thoughts, today outfit is straight black, with hits of gold & white. I found this skirt to be so versatile that I do plan on getting an H&M version here, but in mustard yellow. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post, and yes, I'm still here. I'm just focusing on my sweet bonus payout by the end of June (can we say shopping LOL).

I have finally moved and settled into my new place, so I do apologized for the no appearance last week. It couldn't be helped.

Remember on my previous post I announced my first sponsorship? Well I finally decided to partner with SOUFEEL and today I'm featuring a cute, and what I believe is an everyday pieces from SOUFEEL.COM

I have to say, when this bracelet first arrived, I couldn't wait to wear it, and I soon as I opened the package, I was impressed with the packaging, as well as the delivery time. I like the fact that SOUFEEL charms are 925 sterling silver and that they can can fit any Pandora bracelet with their reasonable prices.

This outfit was inspired by my daughter school uniform, and trust when I say she was super excited to be my inspriaton for that day.  For my new followers,  I used to be such a tomboy growing up that I honestly still love dressing as a boy, but with a girlishly undertone & vibe.

Today outfit totally fit that boyish charm look.  To make this outfit a little girly, I decided to add the SUPER lovely scarf  I recently added to my collection (available here at Old Navy) and the pink pumps and purse. I think this outfit turned out cute, and I belive this is me guys. I'm the girl next door,  that wears...wearable fashion (don't steal that last line, it is my coined quote lol). Thanks as always ladies for the compliment on the last post, it means a lot.