Drum roll please......tomorrow I'm off to my cruise to Grand Turk & Caicos Islands...yay!!! I’m more excited about the snorkeling & the string ray experience, then the actually cruising. My daughter on the other hand is so excited about the cruise itself, that her excitement is spilling over to me. So now I can’t wait to experience my daughter excitement, as she experience cruising for the very first time.

Today outfit is a remix of the mohair sweater that I wore here. I told myself I will NOT buy another sweater, and I’m sticking to it.  So I decided to remix this sweater by pairing it with the Aztec pencil skirt for a chic look vs. last time casual look. I also went with my chain crossbody bag because it just fit this outfit much better. I find that I really do love this crossbody bag, so I'm thinking of investing in this one by Michael Kors, because I really love this look, and it really is an everyday bag.

This weekend I went ahead and purchased some new makeups, and today I'm featuring some of them :). I have to say, you know you did a great job when your daughter tells you not only do you look different, but super pretty. I also like to note that my biggest investment was getting another primer that supposed to make me avoid using bloating paper for at least 12 hours. Will keep you posted if this product is worth the hype that is currently going on the blogs and YouTube.

Today outfit is pretty clean and to the point. I purchase this tweed jacket on black friday, and since we still have some chill in the air in the mornings, I decided to wear it in the morning, and then later on in the afternoon, I can still work the awesome portofino shirt  with the skater skirt.  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and as always, thanks for the lovely comments.

The idea from this outfit came from a male passerby that I saw walking. He had on a denim shirt with a maroon color pants, and I thought that was an awesome color combination. I just added my own touch of course with the statement necklace, and the boots to add a nice causal feel to it.

My go-to items that I have to say that I love is the denim (Chambray) shirts. I'm going to add another one to my collections, and it is on the shinier side, but I love it. Since I'm not that big on glittery items, I think that shirt would be a nice happy medium. As always, thanks for the lovely comments, you guys ROCK!!!

Finding this style, this particular color was hard, since the one I REALLY wanted was sold out at the ZARA store. So when I stumble across this baby over at ASOS, I was over the moon. Unfortunately if you looking for this version of the plaid blanket scarf, this version is sold out as well.

Since I had this particular blanket scarf for a while now, I really have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it, and when the weather man at my local new station stated our temperature was going to hit the high 40's, well the rest was history.

Even though I'm really loving the blanket scarf trend, I don't foresee me getting another one due to that fact that it rarely get cold here to warrant another purchase. On the other hand, if I did live up north,  I would so get this version, because it is super pretty, and the color is a a whole lot different from this one.

I wanted to remake an outfit that one of my fashion divas that I followed created (Maggie Fashion Diary) a while back. When I first saw it on her, I loved the overall colors and look. I added my own touch with the basic fitted white tank , leopard waist belt, and my Timex watch for a more casual look.

I also have to gleefully note that today weather was perfect for this outfit, because not only does my maxi skirt look like a maxi on me (since I'm 5'8),  it is also thick, which makes it perfect for fall. I do have to admit though that when ever I wear this skirt, I do fill like a princess, and everyone always give me ton of compliments when they see me wear it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! My week was super busy, and it will only get worse as my upcoming vacation loom over. I have a couple of projects that I need to complete before my upcoming cruise.

Today outfit is all about throwing something together, and hoping it would works. I think adding the rose statement necklace and the boho hat give this outfit a fresh look. I'm still on the fence about my geeking impression though, but hey, one day I will know all of my signature pose and what works lol. As always, thanks for the comments, and hope you have a great and rewarding weekend.