This outfit was inspired by my daughter school uniform, and trust when I say she was super excited to be my inspriaton for that day.  For my new followers,  I used to be such a tomboy growing up that I honestly still love dressing as a boy, but with a girlishly undertone & vibe.

Today outfit totally fit that boyish charm look.  To make this outfit a little girly, I decided to add the SUPER lovely scarf  I recently added to my collection (available here at Old Navy) and the pink pumps and purse. I think this outfit turned out cute, and I belive this is me guys. I'm the girl next door,  that wears...wearable fashion (don't steal that last line, it is my coined quote lol). Thanks as always ladies for the compliment on the last post, it means a lot.

Today outfit is featuring pieces that were already in in my closet, and I basically put them together to create a completely different new look. I choose the denim vest, and the wedges as a way to dress down this outfit a bit. I found jumpers, which I believe us Americans referred to them as, are such a difficult item to style, and I did decide back then that I was going to get my moneys worth for this jumper.

Since we are now entering the raining season here in Florida...notice the couple of rain drops that my camera was able to catch? As the saying goes...a girl got to do what a girl got to do,  lol. Thanks ladies for the comments on the last post.

Floral to me is an acquired tasted, and I have really come to like certain floral pattern (as long as they don't look too old). In the very beginning of my fashion journey, I used to say I didn't like floral pattern that much. For some reason I always associated it with being old, but I think floral can also be very feminine and perfectly girly. Today outfit I think express what I mean by being both féminité and girly.

So since I do schedule my post now, you would have no doubt notice that I purchased two floral items when I visited Old Navy. One of the items was the dress that was worn here, and the second item is the skirt that is being featured below. I will be honest and admit I was very tempted to get this skirt in blue, but I decided to go with the pastel colors, because my dress was already blue and I'm glad I made that decision.

If you interested in this skirt, it is still available in Old Navy (check it out here) and the cardigan is still available at H&M (check it out here). I also have to mention the famous, must have, reversible Barcelona Cami from Express (check it out here). As always, thanks for the lovely compliment...xoxo Kreyola.

Found this lovely dress at Old Navy (available here), and I couldn't wait to wear it. I really like the length and feel of this dress. I don't know about you guys, but lately I have been feeling that dresses are now getting shorter and shorter, and for someone with my height (and curves), that combination can be dangerous at times lol. So if you looking for that perfect dress for the summer, check this dress out in Old Navy right now.

I decided to pair this floral dress with my denim shirt, and added knot at the waist to enhance my figure and this dress. I also believe adding the white dressy sandals helped complete this outfit. Thanks again for the comments, hope you have an amazing weekend...xoxo Kreyola.

I'm not gone ladies and gentlemen, and if you have been following me, you no doubt understand why I have been a little MIA. I really hope you guys bare with me till June 5.  I also have an upcoming move, which I honestly didn't want to admit to you guys because I'm a little embarrassed about it all. I bet you wondering why she is moving AGAIN??? Let just say that things happen that is beyond my control, and life must go on. So I won't be sharing the crazy detail about this move again...unless you curious and want to know LOL :P.

On to today's outfit. I finally decided to feature a sequin top that I had  purchased while Express was having a 40% OFF sale (this was also on my wish-list as well). I went ahead and paired it with my favorite layering piece, which is the draped trench jacket, and my favorite white skinny jeans. As always, thanks for the comments, I really do appreciate.

Let's talk about neutral colors. A lot of my followers may think I like brown (or think it is my favorite color) because I do wear it a lot, but that is not the case. I honestly love all the colors, you kind of have to if you are in my profession. To me, brown is a very neutral color that can ties or tone down patterns or even loud colors. They are other colors that are neutral as well, but brown is what I have to work with until further

Today outfit is finally featuring a skirt that I really like when I first purchased it, and I know the trend for patterns is going on strong this year, but at the same time, I need to finds ways tone them down. Wearing this maroon top, with the braided brown bet is my second and final attempt on toning this skirt down a bit. Now that I have a good understanding on how to wear this skirt, let the rocking beginning. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post.