Someone once told me "a promise is a comfort to a fool". Little did I know back then, how true that "statement" was and still applies today. As I continued to progress through life, I have come to prefer to receive comfort from people through their own actions vs. though their promises.

On with the post...Today outfit is going back to my comfort zone. South Florida had a "little" cold front (when I mean little.. I mean the the upper 60's) come through, which means I can rock the light sweater, without being looked at as crazy person ^_^.  I had first worn this dress over the summer when I visited Greece, and the thing that drew me to this dress was the colors and the mix print pattern on it. Today I decided to wear the same dress underneath a light sweater for a very fall inspired look.

As always, thanks for all the comments, and I wish you a very happy and rewarding Monday. 

Outfit Consists of Mix Print Dress (Macy's) | Light Sweater (Forever 21) | Buckle Boots (Burlington Coat) | Big Fedora Hat (Forever 21) | Fizz and Frosting

Nail color is What's The Password from Orly. My makeup consist of what I consider my essentials, blush is M•A•C Raizin Matte Blush, and my lip color is Viva Glam VI outline with Chestnut, and prep with the EOS Lip Balm.

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Confidence in one's self is the biggest obstacles you have to overcome. I still struggling with that till this day, but some days when I think that obstacles seem to be a whole lot bigger, I do the next big thing, and that is to fake it until I make it (*wink*). I find when I take pictures of myself, people stare more vs. when someone else do it. More and more I miss my little photographer (right now she happy with the break lol)

The weather feels amazing today, and since it is cooler than normal, I decided to wear my lovely scarf that I wore when I visit Las Vegas a year ago. Now it is being pair with my simple maroon tee and leopard belt. I'm a simple girl most days, and today I'm in my comfort zone.

Note: I think I have fixed all the issues that has arrived when I transitioned into this new layout. I may have miss some things, so please guys if you notice anything, let me know. Xoxo Kreyola.

So I had a total different idea for today post, but as I was working out this morning, all the news channel reporter etc. were wearing dresses or pants with some type of fuchsia color on them. So that is how today outfit was inspired. This dress is a very simple cami dress that could be worn so many ways, but for work, I decided to add this blazer to make it appropriate for work. As always THANK YOU for the comments on my last post. I really do read and appreciate all of them.

I was super late to work today. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong! My alarm didn't go off, and when I drop my daughter off to school, I noticed I left my tripod at home. Since I was already late, I decided to take the pictures of today outfit near my home, and it started to rain (like seriously??). So right after I post this, I'm going to get some much needed coffee, and I hope that is enough  to improve my mood a little.

Below outfit was purely me wanting to feature this lace skirt I purchased recently. I went with the pinstripe shirt because I think it makes the black skirt pop. The skull clutch added a nice edginess to this outfit.

Hello everyone, hope you had a great work week. I decide to switch my workout routine to early mornings, because late afternoon weren't cutting it due to homework (if you have a kid, you understand). It has been really hard, but I have been able to get up extra early, every morning, and get about a set of 30 - 40 min workout every 4 to 5 days.

Since I'm super tired today, and my scalp is tender from my retighten session yesterday, I decide to finally wear my big boho looking Fedora hat that I chose to  paired with my mustard top and my chino pants. My black slip-on sneakers completed what I think is a super fun look.

I have super oily skins, and wearing makeup seems to makes it worst. If you happen to be like me, and you just hate how oily your skins gets while wearing makeup, below post will be of interests to you. I like these sheets because they are just great for absorbing oils, and they also great on the pocket book.

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets Claim
Oil absorbing sheets instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder. These super soft, silky sheets can be used easily around your nose and other oily areas of your face. Use them anytime, anywhere.

- Absorbed Oil
- Clean & Matted Look Result
- Make Up Stays Put
- Feels Wonderful
- Not Expensive
- Great For Acne Prone Skin
- Wonderful Texture Sheets
- No Scent

- N/A

I have tried a good amount of oil absorbing sheets, and the one that I found that are the best out of the bunch are Clean & Clears Sheets. I just keep coming back to these every time.

They are super absorbing, and they really do keep your makeup intact longer. The packet contains about 50 sheets each, and the feel of these sheets can be best described as slight textured and powdery soft, I just LOVE how soothing there are on the skin.

I usually know when I need to use these sheet when I start feeling the "tingling" sensation, I then proceed to bloat my "T" zone first, and then all over. I use about 2 sheet per day vs. 3-4 when I wasn't taking care of my skin (will share my skin care routine later).

Conclusion: I can stress enough how much I LOVE these sheets. So if you have extremely oily skin, please try these and I promise you won't regret it.

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