Today I'm on a high class vibe and I'm loving it. This outfit will be featured here, and over by my fellow blogger Rhea Et Cetera. So please make sure you check it out!

I had a crop top that I really wanted to wear with this skirt, but when I tried it out that upper ribs wouldn't cooperated by going in...damn ribs -_-.  The crop top zipper needed to be unzipped completely vs. half way in order to fit, and that is all due to my very board upper torso.  I plan on bringing that crop top back to a trailer to fix, because it is to darn cute to let go. That ladies is the down side of ordering things online, and assuming people still create clothes that are sensible. If you like to read about the update with my job, read below these pictures.

Hello everyone, I hope your week is starting off on a good note. Today I start my new job and I'm truly a nervous wreak. Even though I'm comfortable with my skill set, I'm still nervous about the new people that will be working with me. Will let you know how things went down on Wednesday :D.

Just as a friendly reminder, this outfit was worn when the temperature in Florida dipped to the low 40's in my neck of the wood. I know for a lot of my readers, that temperature is nothing, but for me that is still cold. Thanks as always for the lovely support; I will return the favor later after I come from work...xoxo Kreyola.

Today is my last day at my present company, and I'm sad about it. I'm leaving a place that I have worked for over 7 years. Even though I'm leaving for brighter things, I'm really happy to note that I will be doing some consultant works on the side for them for about 3 months. Hopefully I can speed up my goal to be debt-free and have emergency funds by next year (fingers crossed).

Below outfit is all about keeping warm, and I decided to finally feature my very light blanket type scarf that I think looks great with the brown jacket I got years ago. The various shades of colors, tassel, and pattern are what drew me to this scarf. I added the leopard accent belt to dress up the whole outfit a bit and give it a more funky-messy vibe to it. As always, thanks for the comments and support.

The weather has been truly greats here Florida and I got super excited this weekend because I even notice some leaves were actually changing in certain areas.

So today outfit was worn over the weekend as I run around doing some errands. I'm going to start taking pictures of my causal outfits during the weekend (will not post) because soon I will be dressing a littler dressier for work, and I know some of my readers are not required to wear business causal clothes to work.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and for the lovely ladies that are in a relationship, I hope your Valentine Day was an amazing one.

I want to be honest here and state that I never really had a happy Valentine Day, and because of that I tend to just avoid that whole day in general. Since I didn't want to be a downer about that day, I decided to dress up with some colors that are known for love. I also wanted to show a little love to the single ladies that are out there. I hope your special someone arrives soon. As always, thanks for the lovely comments.

Today outfit is a complete remix of items that I have worn on this blog already. The sweater was worn here (Cozy & Warmth) when the temperature was a whole lot cooler then it was today. I also wore the camo jeans here (Classic Army Print), and the camo jeans outfit was one of the popular outfit on my blog last year. I believe today remix of these two items are just as cute as the original outfit.

Just as an FYI, I will most likely have to go pre-plan for the outfits that get featured on this blog. With the the new job that is coming up, I don't feel I will have that much freedom, as I did with the old company I was working with. As always, thanks for the amazing support.