I'm going to have to keep it short ladies and gentlemen. Today I'm finishing up some much needed items and the news is we will know everything by Tuesday of next week.

Today outfit was about remixing a couple of item to create a completely different outfit.  Underneath this super comfy sweater is a dress. I added the belt to give this outfit some shape. Now I don't know if I made it clear on my last post, but I did complete my tag "get to know me" post, and that post can be found here. As always thanks for the comments, but I'm even more grateful for the lovely support...Xoxo.

I don't have much to say today. Rumors are all over the place at work, and right now I about tired of it and just want facts. So with that in mind, I really wasn't in the mood to dress up today and that is why today outfit is rather simple.

I tried to dress up this gray sweater by adding the maroon and cranberry colors to it, but in the end I'm still not too sure about the scarf. On a good note, I'm cozy and warm today, so I consider that a plus. I'm also hoping today we get the news we have been patiently waiting for. Will keep you guys posted if any news come my way.

I don't know if I have any readers from the East Coast, but if you reading this, please stay safe and warm. I went ahead and did another tag questionnaire post, so if you like the one I did last time, you will surely like this one. As always, thanks for the lovely comment on the last post.

I did another tag post  a while back, so if you like this one, you will really like the other one, because it is in a very similar format.

Today outfit is really just black and white, and I decided to add my statement clutch to add a bit of class to this outfit. I only wear leather when the temperatures call for it, and for the past couple of days, Florida weather has been truly beautiful.

I also wanted to say that for my peeps up north that will be dealing with the blizzard, please stay safe, and stack up on what you need. As always, thanks for the lovely compliment on my last posts.

Gosh I haven't post about my hair for a while. My Sisterlocks has gotten much longer, and there are times when I have to admit there are too much in the summer (can we say hot), and there are times where they scared the crap out of me due to random loose locks on the shoulder etc. Beside those two random issues, I still love my Sisterlocks journey, and whenever I think about going back to being natural, I plant my fingers in my daughter hair, and with a loud resounding  NOPE, I come back to earth.

Below are my updates, and I decided to do this post as an FAQ format, which should answer most of your questions I know you may have.

Length Check - Are You Happy Now?
I'm actually really happy with this length, and I found that the longer my Sisterlocks gets, the harder it is to deal with. Curling and doing braid-out are taking much longer, and now require super damp hair in order to take. Just dealing with those issues alone makes me lazy. Once my locks reach mid-back length, I will be trimming them. I will share that milestone when I reach it.

Soo...I thought this outfit was going to end up being a no no, but as I open my pictures up this this morning, I thought this outfit turned out great.

If you haven't already guessed, I try my hardest to plan my outfits, but as I come to find out, most of my favorite ones are the spur of the moment ones. Today outfit is all about comfort, and I truly wanted to avoid wearing a skirt since the coworkers want to go for happy hours later on today to release some stress. I'm totally not in the mood to spend some money, but just in case, I decided to dress up a little.

I love this emerald green top and I decided to pair it with the wide bottom jeans because of the flare of the shoulder area. I thought the flare would balance out this outfit a bit. The clutch and the brown belt were used to bring the colors all together. Wishing you a happy Friday and as always thanks for the lovely compliment.