Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm so looking forward to spending time with the family and friends this week. Is anyone traveling for the thanksgiving holiday? I'm thankful and blessed with the fact that most of my families and friends are still here in Florida and I don't really have to travel too far.

Today's outfit is me featuring a couple new items. One is the leopard heels I have been dying to wear ever since they were delivered and I show them off via my Instagram account. The second is this pretty cream trim detail skirt that I have been really wanted to wear, but decided to wait for the perfect item to complete it...hence the shoes. As always, thanks for the lovely comments and I hope your thanksgiving plans are going though smoothly.

Today is all about comfort as I go "ham" at my company potluck later (notice the loose shirt ^_-). If you haven't checked out the about me section yet, I just wanted to let you know I revamp that page a little by adding more details about me, but for today I wanted to note how much of a tom-boy I was growing up. Imagine me wearing nothing but boys clothing (mostly my brothers) all through high school.

With that thought in mind, I wanted this outfit to represent the new me by adding a hint of edginess as well as some feminine touch here and there. The addition of the blue lace tank, pearls and the blue floral/skull totally nailed the look I was going for.

It has been yucky weather for the past days here, and since we had a cool down here I was really hoping it didn't rain while I drag out my boots. I have a couple boots that I hardly ever get much wear on them, and because of that, they always look like new. That is why I can't see me adding another high boots to my collection, even though I have been loving the knee-high boots that have been trending lately.

Today outfit is inspired by me wanting the fur vest, and me trying to figure out how to make my navy blue sweater dressier. I had this oversize scarf for about a year now, and I decided to use that with a belt to give this outfit more of a full winter feel. I really like how this outfit turned out, and I can say now this would be another favorite outfit of mines.

Happy Monday Everyone!! Over the weekend I decided to remix my lace skirt (worn here) for a more casual look. I went the route of wearing my summer favorite jeans vest over my "whatever" long sleeve shirt. Right now I'm seriously craving some vests for winter. I have at least one that I want for winter, and looking to see if I can add another budget friendly summer version too.

There are these earrings I got from ASOS that I seriously want to show them off, and I did that on the last picture. I just love them so much because they are so edgy but super cute at the same time. I have to admit that I wear them all the time. Right now I'm even considering ordering a second pair just in case I lose this one. Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that you love dearly and can't even imagine losing? As always, thanks for the comments...you guy’s rock!

Outfit Consist of Love Sleeve Shirt (DailyLook | Jean Vest (Marshell's) | Lace Skirt (Forever 21) | Bootie Sandals (Macy's) | Messager Bag (ASOS)

Nail Color is Royal Romance by Sally Hanson. My makeup consist of what I consider my essentials, blush is M•A•C Raizin Matte Blush, and my lip color is Anita (Browned Burgundy) prep with the EOS Lip Balm.

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I have another version of the Kimono, and I have worn it so many time that I have truly lost count. When I saw this floral version, I bought it knowing first-hand that it was different from my other one, and I know I will wear it just as much as the other one.  I tend to style mines over a dress like here, and to dress up shorts like here. Kimonos are turning out to be my favorite go-to pieces for my "offline" outfits, just like my cami's from Express.

Today I'm going the route of long jeans with pink pumps since I'm going to celebrate with the little one who got a really good report yesterday (*proud mama*). Enjoy your Friday everyone, and I hope you have a great weekend!

The morning cool down continues and today I decided to go the route of being fun today by wearing my cute owl sweater. I added the plaid shirt to add some pattern, and texture to this outfit. So I have now caught up with my fashion divas as of today.

I really want to try and schedule my outfits more, but there are days when I found that I like the spur of a moment outfit decisions. It must be the Scorpio in me I guess. Hope your hump day is going well, and as always, thanks for the support!