So when I first wore this outfit, I founded it looked good via my tall mirror, but when I later took the pictures, and peek through the viewfinder in my camera, I was thinking this outfit looks blah. It wasn't till I open them up on my computer and saw the pictures fully did I became more excited.  I was super happy that the look and theme I was going for was successful. I wanted this outfit to be super girly, with bohemian vibe thrown in, and I believe I nailed it all.

To complete this bohemian look, I paired my boho dress with this lovely kimono scarf that I purchased recently and which is still available here.  I like this scarf because not only can I wear it like a Kimono, I can also wear it as a scarf. Like I have been explaining in my previous post, my focus is buying pieces that can be reused in multiple ways, and I look forward to tackling this kimono scarf on my next outfit.

It has been a rainy couple of days here in Florida, and I'm really kind of tired of it. Plus we also have Tropical Storm ERIKA to contend with...ugh. When I was younger, I used to be super happy and excited when a storm had the possibility of heading our way because that means no school, and later... no work. Now that I'm older with major responsibility, I'm all about money, and hoping that all the food that is in the fridge currently don't go bad as the storm approach and the lights go out.

Anyhow, as long as the storm comes through before Labor Day weekend, I'm fine. Going to my first country music concert, and I'm sooooo excited!!!!! Already trying to figure out what I will be wearing, but whatever it is, it is going to be country theme.  I have to dress to impress in order for Sam Hunt to notice me, joking, no I'm not :P. Today outfit is simple and to the point. I wanted comfort and protection from the elements, with a hint of cuteness with the floral statement flats. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on the last post.

I know for a fact that I'm a kind-hearted person, and because of that, a few people have taken advantage of that in the past. So I learn to be a lot tougher when it comes to dealing with people wants vs. needs. Even though I was way too kind in the past, I was never a pushover, nor will I ever be one.  I still value friends and family the most, but at this age I'm starting to value piece of mind a whole more. I will always be respectful of people opinions, even when they differ from mines, but I can't tolerant negative in my life, and that may seem a little off-putting to some, but that is the way it is. So yeah, the playful and sarcastic side of me is shown only to a selected few, and I think that is the best for everyone. As one of many quotes I hold dear states, we never lose friends; we simply learn who the real ones are.

So with that personal note, today graphic tee was something that caught my eye at Wal-Mart. I usually don't buy clothes at Wal-Mart, but I really like the text on this particular shirt when I saw it, so I figured why not. I decided to pair this graphic tee with a pencil skirt (last worn here) for a fun yet casual/chic work vibe and I honestly really like the final result. I plan on picking up a couple of graphic tees when I can because I like buying clothes that I can reuse multiple ways. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post...xoxo Kreyola.

I guess I'm into floral now...hehe. Today featured outfit is a bunch of remixes pieces that I wanted to wear. The floral skirt, which is still available at Old Navy here, was worn with a cardigan here. The olive vest, which is still available at Nordstrom here, was featured recently here. Both pieces today are paired with my braided belt, and heeled sandals (available here), which turn this outfit into something completely new. One day when I can, I will challenge myself and do a week of items that can be remixed multiply times.

As always, thanks for the lovely comments, hope you week is off to a great start. Back to school started this week for my daughter, so it has been kind of hectic, hoping things will smooth out soon.

If you haven't invested in a pair of chucks yet, I don't know what you waiting for, because they are truly a perfect addition to anyone’s closet. Whenever I want to dress down an outfit, I go for these classic white chucks. They can instantly make a dressy outfit look instantly chic yet casual.

Today outfit plays on the dressy yet casual outfit and it is all due to that fact that I wanted a work, and then play concept. I think it totally worked. I was able to laugh and act silly in totally comfort at Big Bear Brewing Co. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post, and I hope you have a great weekend.

Today outfit is causal and I'm okay with that. We can't be all sexy/chic everything day now can we (*laughing cheekily*). Even though for some, summer is coming to an end, but for us Floridian, it is hot, and it will be hot for a while now. So I really like how lightweight this jacket is and pairing it with my stripe cami turn out to be perfect. I just knew olive with look good with it and that may be due to all my fashion diva here and there.

All and all, thanks as always for the lovely comments, I really do appreciate it. Also, if you one of my Sisterlocks admirers, please check out this post, it talked about my six-year anniversary etc.