Below outfit is something I wore over the weekend, and I had to bribe my daughter to takes these shots, because I thought I look to darn cute not take pictures. I will never understand why kids buy the dumbest thing when they have a little spending cash -_-.

Anyhow.... I decided to wear my high waist short (last worn here), with the Express Barcelona Cami I purchased a while back. I added the H&M cardigan, because we Floridian had a surprisingly late season cold front come through late on Friday. As always, thanks for the comments on my last post.

Yes it's Friday!!!! Even though I'm wearing heels, these sandals are SUPER comfortable and currently my feet needs to recover from all the pumps I have been wearing lately. I really hope my feet get use to my current pumps collection, because even though my pumps are now more comfortable, they do get painful after being worn all day. I swear I sometime hear my darn knees crack.

On to todays outfit.....soooo....I decided to go with the nautical theme again? I guess I'm hitting some kind of wall with my fashion direction. I just keep sticking with things I like, and that is basically outfits with lots of colors, and certain theme. Oh well...once I can think with my brain again (meaning stop focusing on making that "paper") I will venture out and experiment with different outfits. As always, thanks for the lovely comments on my last post :D.

Happy hump day everyone, and I hope your day is off to a great start. Today outfit is featuring what I think is the perfect pattern of windowpane. When I was searching for this item, I was very particular about the type of windowpane pattern that I wanted to add to my closet. Go figure Express would have that pattern, and I would proceed to get it. I decided to pair this skirt with a sweater that had some zipper detail on the shoulder. My new job has the A/C on blast, so I will always be wearing some type of sweater/jacket lol, just not the pretty ones all the time.

As always, thanks for the lovely compliments. It still does amazing me how far I have come, and it is all due to your guys. So keep sending the emails, etc. I really do appreciate it...Xoxo Kreyola AKA Sheila ^_-.

I honestly wasn't trying to go for stripe today, and I spent a total of 10 min looking for something else, but atlas, it was stripe again. I honestly was just in the mood for something bright and colorful, and today color blocking was it. So if you not comfortable with stripe yet, get comfortable lol.

When I get a chance to breath a little, I need to buy some floral items, and more dresses for the spring and summer. Going to keep this post really short, and I hope all is well at your neck of the wood.

First of all, happy first day of SPRING. I also wanted to say thanks to all the ladies that visited me, and just had me in your thought as I juggle a full-time and part-time job. I do have three more months with the old job, and to tell you the truth, both job are kicking my butt. I'm always so darn TIRED, but I will be rewarded in the end. So please forgive me if I can pay as much attention to you guys as I would like, it is only a temporary thing I promise. I will continue to try my hardest to at least post twice a week, but my game plan is always three times a week.

On to today's outfit, I really didn't plan on taking any pictures that day because A) The time change has made it difficult to have daylight in the early hours (which is when I take my pictures), and B) It has been extremely cloudy and foggy early in the morning. Even with those factors, I did notice as I edge closer to work, I had just enough sunlight to make my photo-shoot work. So today outfit was inspired by a concept I hold dear, the messy-crazy workday look (Don't I look tired?). Enjoy your weekend ladies and gentlemen, and if you read my blush post, I went ahead and post my ghastly prom picture on

Blushes are needed when you wear full coverage foundation, since your face is pretty much a blank canvas after applying your foundation of choice (whether is liquid or powered). You just need some kind of color to basically bring everything back together again, and that is honestly the best way I can describe the uses of blushes (well for me at least). As I started getting better at applying makeup, I noticed more and more the reason behind the blushes.

In the past, I never understand, nor did I feel that someone with my skin tone (a NW 50 on MAC) needed blushes, but I was WRONG. I have now a total of four blushes that I rotate between, and below are the quick review on the how or when I used them.