Review: EOS Lip Balm Sphere - Summer Fruit

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Lip balms and lip glosses are two totally different type of products. I know, I know, I know, I should have already known this, but ladies, I'm a total newbie when it comes to beauty products. I don't know if you remember me discussing how I hate putting on lipsticks and it was all due to various reasons, but one of the main reasons was because I'm constantly licking my lips for added moisture, and the lipsticks would wear out so fast. On top of me licking my lips for added moisture, I would get these reside toward the corner of my lips, which I hated with a passion (a totally gross experience I tell you). 

So my "Ah-hah!" moment came when I started putting on lip tars (which has the lasting power I want) but I notice the extreme drying of my lips. My lips were starting to crack, even with lip gloss on top of the lip tar. So I decided to pick the Eos Lip Balm Sphere, and the reason I went with that was mainly due to the packaging (I'm a sucker for great packing’s lol) and they were also on sale ( half the price) at ULTA. Below is my full review of this Lip Balm

In a smooth sphere for easy application that precisely glides on lips, this lip balm has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This lip balm contains Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips kissably smooth.

- Very Light
- Not Oily or Sticky
- Long lasting (the product and wear)
- No after Residue
- A Very Slight Fruity Taste (barely noticeable)
- 100% natural flavor
- UVA/UVB protection

- Sphere is Cumbersome
- Expensive

When I apply this lip balm to prep my lips, I instantly notice that it was light and not as oily looking as my lip gloss (which I don't have a problem with). It honestly doesn't look like you have anything on, which is what I really like, and it feels like your lips is truly moisturized when you do have it on.

If I want some extra shine to my lips, I usually add my lip gloss or lipstick on top of the lip balm and both would moisturize and stay on longer. I also find that if I want to have my lipstick matted, this does the trick by keep my lips well moisture, but also give me the matted look that I was looking for.

The only complaint that I have is if you are someone who likes to carry your lip balm in your pocket, this will NOT do. It is very cumbersome and sticks out of your jeans like a sore thumb. Me personally I don't mind, I'm always carry it in my purse, and another one is in my makeup bag. So question to you guys, do you prep your lips? Also what is your favorite lip balm?

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  1. cool.. i love the shape
    pls dear check out my new post, and pls also vote for me too thks

  2. Your skin, lips, hair ... why heck if we all looked as Beautiful as you!

    I use MAC prep + prime and Burt's Bees lip balm. One things for sure everybody's body reacts differently to everything from food to products!

    Take Care Sis and do something Special for yourself Today! =D

    1. I heard of Burt Bees and will try it in the future no doubt. Take care Cheri, and hope you had a great week my friend.

  3. Love those!

    1. I love these as well. I need to try the mint version, since everyone is raving about them :D.

  4. My son and I call them eggs lol I have these things all over the house love fav is the sweet mint.

  5. Great review! I like them but they definitely are a little more expensive!

    1. Yeah I agree, that is why I haven't pick up the mint ones yet. I should have took a couple more when they were half off (*sad face*).

  6. You're right. They are very expensive. but they get the job done!


    1. Yes they do, that is why I had to share :D.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. i love fresh lip balms.

  9. I bought in sale at Target, now i have upgraded to buying 8 at costco for 10.99! Winning!

    1. I wonder if they still on sale on Target? Need to get at least two more.


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