Breaking it Down - The Cost from a former Weavable Customer

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Now this only applies to ladies who likes to have different hairstyle every month, which for the most part requires human or synthetic hair. Meaning you are not interested in the natural hair route (which I would recommend because that is where the true saving are).

The numbers below are base on styling my hair in the past. Now there are many factors that can come into play with these numbers. If you do your own hair, or if you don't style your own hair every month, then these number will not mean anything to you. This is just a rough idea of the cost of styling my hair in the past. Remember, these numbers may or may not apply to you at all.

My numbers below does not include the upfront cost of sisterlocks, because quick frankly, if you want something, you save for it, and sisterlocks is something you need to save for. So you need to consider sisterlocks as a onetime investment and a life time of SAVINGS.

Hair StyleCost (Installation vs Retighten)Hair Cost (Human Hair & Synthetic Hair)Total
Weaves: (example: Updo, Wavy Curls, LaceFront)$60 - $80$16 - $35 per pkg (my big head on average needs 3)*$108 - $185 (1 Month)
Braids: (example: Cornrows, Braids, Micros, Dreads$60 - $200**$2 - ***$35 $84 - 305 ( 2-3 Month)
Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks (Large to Micro)$60 - $150 (average)N/A$60 - $150 (1 Month)
Hair StyleEnd of Year Cost
Weaves$1296 - $2220
Braids$504 - $1830 (2 month cycle) $336 - $1220 (3 month cycle)
Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks$720 - $1800

Where does the savings comes in?

Well that is really up to you. If you saying to yourself, wow I'm spending too much on my natural hair as well, then you can limit the styling option you do every month. If you really want sisterlocks, but don't want to spend allot of money every month, then you may want to consider the brotherlocks version. The brotherlocks versions of sisterlocks are much bigger, so it takes less time to retighten and install. Make sure to compare the cost of your current hair maintenance to the size of sisterlocks you want. I suggest keeping a diary of the cost of styling your hair for a year (salon, weave, products, and etc), and see if that will average out a saving for you. Don't just plain out say the concept of getting sisterlocks is too expensive, at the end of the day, it may not be so.

Did I save when I converted to sisterlocks? The answer is yes!

Now these numbers are on the low scale. The cost of getting my hair done on a yearly base would roughly be around $2,220 and above. I never let my hair breath and I'm very lucky I didn't permanently damage my hair. My total saving cost is $660 a year (give or take).

In conclusion: Sisterlocks can have a monthly cost of $0 if you do your own retighten.

Note: I didn't include the perms or hair treatment in between. I add * above to explain how I came up with the numbers below.

* To get these numbers, I timed the cost of hair, times the packages amount. I remember 3 hair packages was my total amount, since I love thick hair. Some people may use less or more.

**Now when I use to wear regular braids, the $2 packages, which was the cheapest one I could get, I would still needed a total of 12 packages. So 2x12 will cost you $24 without taxes.

*** When I use to wear micros (which damages my frontier hair line after a long run) I use to buy 3 packages of human hair (wavy). So 3 x $35 will give you $105 without taxes.

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