No Lints or Fizzy Locs

8:54 AM

How do I avoid that? You really can't! Someone came up to me and ask me, what do I for maintenance. How do I keep my sisterlocks looking so neat? She proceeds to state my locks didn't look fizzy at all. I told her to look a little closer, and you will notice some fuzziness. I also needed a retightening done as well, so my fuzziness were even more apparent, I later went on to explain what my routine was and I decided to share it with you guys as well.

You can help minimize the fuzziness, by wearing a Satin Bonnet when going to bed. This product greatly helps, especially if you want your lock free from lint’s, and any particulates that are found on beds, couches or anywhere else.

My locks are short so they will not be getting much lint from my clothes. Sooner or later, I will have to wonder how to avoid that when the times comes.

As for no fizzy locks, I for the most part braid or curl (soft spike or pipe cleaner) my locks every night. You don't have to do that if you don't want to. If I'm tired a particular night I just throw on my satin bonnet and that is it. The next day I spray some water on my hair (wet & go style). So now you know how I maintain a no lint, less frizzy loc.

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