Crinkles with Twists-Out or Braids-Out - Which One Is Better?

8:46 AM

I wanted the crinkle look to last longer on my sisterlocks, but at the same time, I want to be able to style my hair, and have it looking decent all the time. I found that "braids" do the best crinkle look. The "twists" does the job, but the downside of them is that they look like third day crinkle compare to the "braids" crinkles. Below are the results of the crinkles I got from having my twists on for three days from this twisted bun style.

The crinkle receive from the twists, are not that strong as when I do a braid out. Mind you, the below pictures are two days old compare to the top.

I do prefer doing braids for crinkles, but if I just washed my hair, and want to just have them up for the summer, the twists will do nicely due to the fact that I can get "neater" styles vs the braids out. An example of style created with the twists can be found  here & here . I like both, and it really up to you on what you think fits your lifestyle better. Note: I have tried doing styles with the braids, but the style looks much better with twists (the twists gives an appearance of having thicker locks).

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  1. I just want to say thank you for writing your blog. I started my first sisterlocks journey about 13 years ago, but back out within 6months. I recently started again and I appreciate all the information that you and other bloggers are putting out there. Keep up the good work and thanks again. By the way I like the braid out.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and your respond. You guys keep me going :). Enjoy your new set of Sisterlocks!

  2. My hair is dry and dull looking; I've had my locs for 6 weeks.....

    1. Dry locks are very common in the newbie stage, since you are not allow to have any oil on your locks for faster locking process. So bear with that a little, and just spray some water on your locks daily.

      As for your lock being dull, that usually happens when you are applying to much product (whether it oil base or not) on your locks. Washing it out with a good clarifier (the starter shampoo) should help take care of the dull and limp looking locks you have. Now I don't know if you are applying oil base product on your hair, but from my experience, that usually the cause of dull and limp looking locks.

  3. Hi Kreyola,
    I'll try spraying some water on my locs; I have not used any oil at all; I only use the starter hair was re-tighten a week ago. Thanks so much for the encouragement; I love your looks so healthy!

    1. You welcome and thanks. Once your locks mature, you be able to do more stuff to your locks to make them not appear so dull. Good luck and welcome to the sisterlocks family!


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