What are Sisterlocks? Thinking of Getting Them? Do some research first!

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You landed on this page become you are either considering sisterlocks or wonder what the heck are sisterlocks. Below is an explanation on what sisterlocks are, and what you should research (if this is something you truly want). As always, have fun and good luck on your journey of discovery.

Sisterlocks is a trademark company own and operated by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. They are basically tiny uniform locks/dread that are the result of a precision grid parting. The use of a specialized tool by sisterlocks consultant/trainee places the hair into its locking formation which enables you to have micro to large locks, as well as enable it to grow long and beautiful. More information can be found at sisterlocks.com

What you need to research and learn.

  1. What your hair type (hair pattern).
  2. What lock size do you want - micro, small, large or brotherlocks (a much bigger version of sisterlocks). Learn about the advantage and disadvantage of each size.
  3. Look at pictures! Don't only look at sisterlocks, look at all the different technique of locking and also learn the disadvantage of all those technique.
  4. Once you decided to do Sisterlocks, shop around for consultant. Look at their work, and make sure that they are using the correct tool (if you making that much of an investment you can at least verify that they using the correct tool).
  5. Finally, accept thing won't happen overnight, look at the many sisterlocks blogs to give you inspiration. Keep reading and learning because that will keep you going while you are transitioning.
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Helpful Links & Post I did.
FAQ's about my micro sisterlocks
Myths about Sisterlocks

Picture source is copyright by sisterlocks.com

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  1. I am 2 months into my sisterlocks. I must admit I was not 100% sure what they would look like. However each week I see them maturing at a slow pace but I'm enjoying my jornney so far I have very fine hair and I'm thin on top and you can see my scalp. The back of my hair is perfect. And if this is an indication of how my whole head will look i'm satisfied.

  2. You will be surprise how much your Sisterlocks is going to change. If you happy now, then you will be even more happy at the final stage. Thanks for sharing about your Sisterlocks :).

  3. I have shoulder-length relaxed hair and want to keep my length. Would only the 2" of new growth be in Sisterlocks or all the hair to the end? Do you have any photos of permed hair with Sisterlocks? The point at which natural hair meets relaxed hair is fragile. Are Sisterlocks more gentle on that juncture?

    1. Sorry for the late respond (Holiday weekend). I do have a feature story on the blog with ladies who had perm hair, and how they started sisterlocks with it. Your perm ends will not be sisterlocked, only the new growth. Eventually you will cut off the perm ends. Just go to the bottom of this blog and search for "perm".

  4. Really stupid question but can any hair type be sisterlocked? I'm caucasian and love this style.

    1. This is not a stupid question at all. I saw a Caucasian woman have Sisterlocks, but then again she does it herself, so she may be able to understand how to make the lock "take" with her type of hair. If you have some curls, getting some Sisterlocks would be a lot easier. Just know that your Sisterlocks may take a very long time to mature and you will have to choose an experience consultant to apply it to your hair. Hope this information helped!


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