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I did a post about the disadvantage of Sisterlocks earlier this month. Now I want to talk about the advantage of sisterlocks. Sisterlocks is really not that bad once you get all the kinks and extra stuff out of the way, and with thousand of woman rocking it, it must be a good thing right? I love finding and reading about sisterlocks on blog from time to time and I have run across blogs where women talk about not to doing sisterlocks  and decided instead a different locking method. Some of their reasoning was due to the cost, and how they felt it didn't seem worth it (even though they could afford it) or they had some misguided information about sisterlocks. The interesting thing about those blog is when they convert. These woman end up cutting the original locking method, and started the sisterlocks anyway because that is what they wanted. Don't let that be you. If the post about the disadvantages of sisterlocks didn't scare you off, then get Sisterlocks.

Point I
Sisterlocks gives you many styling option, and they are one of the most versatile locking method out there. For example, you can make them appear bigger with the Two Strand Twist method. You can have them super straight by flat ironing them (I haven't tried this, but I seen a lot of sisterlocks wearer do this). You can curl them, create up-dos, create wave/layers, the possibilities are endless. Because of the unique size of sisterlocks, they enable you to do any styling that you can think of, and all of that creation is with your own hair. The reason they are so versatile is the trademark grid, and interlocking method, which enable sisterlocks wearer to grow long small locks. Because of the tiny sections, and meticulous parting that mimics actual individual hair strands, this makes it easier for the parting, separating, and running your fingers through your locks without any need of a comb.

Point II
The appearance of sisterlocks looks like small braid from far away (even though they are dreadlocks). They are very neat in appearance and looks groomed. If you have thin hair, it will give you thick full locks (once your sisterlocks has past the baby stage). Another interesting thing about the appearance of sister, is the fact that your scalp hardly show as much, this is all due because of the amount of locks and the fullness it shows. With the huge amount of locks, it gives the illusion of a full head of hair. Also as an extra bonus, the fact that your locks are so small, you hardly see the white bulb (the shedding hair that get trap in your locks) as much. So you can count that fact that you don't have to constantly dye your hair if you don't like the white specks on your locks. And if you are a professional, then Sisterlocks will fit in perfectly, because of it's appearance of neatness.

Point III
Sisterlocks require no product as far as retightening is concern. So you don't need to add any Beeswax or any type of locking product to your sisterlocks. This is extremely helpful, because you can then avoid things like mildew and product build up in the future. Note: If you a product junkie, you may want to think about mildew, and build up if you continue that practices with sisterlocks.

Point IV
Have you ever felt the breeze flowing though your hair? What about the complete freedom of going to the beach or just dancing in the rain. Worrying about wind and water is a thing of the past, when you are sisterlocks.

Point V
Since the sisterlocks is retighten at the root, where the new growth is, you can go in for a touch up (retighten) every 4-6 weeks (yeah I said it, A MONTH, to retighten new growths). Some sisterlocks wearer can even go as far as two month without a retighten (this all depend on the size and growth of the hair). As an extra bonus, since the sisterlocks are retighten at the root, you can have perm (relaxer) with 1.5 inch of natural new growth, and still be able to get sisterlocks.

Point VI
Final point is the community and support. There are ton of blogs, forum, and information on Sisterlocks that makes transitioning through the stage of sisterlocks very easy for you. I can say truly what set sisterlocks apart from any other type of locking method, is the grid (parting of locks), so if you love the size and the grid, then trust when I say you WILL NOT be happy with any other locking method.

Note: Most of the benefits & point comes when your sisterlocks are fully matured. So have fun and remember to check out my previous post about the disadvantages of sisterlocks before making a commitment to get sisterlocks.

Also note that when you do decide to get sisterlocks, the initial price you pay is for a package. Package: Consultation, Installation, Follow-Up Visit (First Retightening), and a Sisterlocks Starter Set (Shampoo, Rubber-bands for washing, and a tip sheet).

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  1. I love your blog, it is very informative, I'm getting my sisterlocks installed tomorrow! I'm so excited and your blog is confirmation that I'm making the right decision for my hair and lifestyle. Thanks!

  2. Welcome to the sisterlocks Family ^_^. I'm glad this blog has been helpful to you. If you have any concern or questions you welcome to ask me. You can also search this blog to get instant result as well.

  3. your blog is very informative! thank you for posting it! Can you get extensions with sisterlocks? I know that you can get it with dreads, but what about locks?

    1. You have to find someone who is willing to do it, and if they do it, most likely they are not abiding by the sisterlocks rule, and that alone carry a high risk of your sisterlocks not being install correctly.

      Your safest option is waiting for your hair to grow out to an acceptable length that you are comfortable with (even though it will cost you more later).


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