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I found out what my sisterlocks pattern was the other day. While I was getting my sisterlocks retighten, I went ahead and ask my consultant what my sisterlocks pattern was, and I found out it was "double 3 pattern". Finding out my sisterlocks pattern is "double 3 pattern" is a bit of a surprise since the common pattern that I have found on the web is "4 pattern" or "reverse 4 pattern", and so I assume my pattern was "4 pattern". Anyway she stated that "double 3 pattern" is for fuller locks, I'm really glad that she took in my original request from the very beginning to have fuller locks.

3 Pattern Bullet Points

  • Fuller Volume Locks
  • Used for fine hair
  • Commonly used for medium to long curl pattern
This is just baby step in the direction of learning how to retighten my own hair. I will still continue to use my consultant, since I really could care less about retighten my hair, I just want to play on the side of caution, just in case something happen, and I can't find anyone to retighten my hair. I was wondering for the ladies and gentlemen that are subscribe to my blog what are your interlocking pattern?
Far Away Look
Close Up Look - Ends Are Still Open
Close Up at Parts - 17 Retighten Session

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  1. Hi Kreyola I just wanted you to know that the standard way of say which locking pattern you are for Sisterlocks is 3 pattern, 4 pattern, reverse 4 pattern, or double 3 pattern. :-)

  2. @Naturally...Thanks for the correction. I have a lot to learn =). I will update this post to reflect your statement. By the way. What is your sisterlock pattern?

  3. My Sisterlocks were started with the Reverse 4 Pattern all the way down the lock ( I say this because consultants will do the reverse 4 pattern to start the lock then complete the lock with the 4 pattern) and now we do the 4 pattern on my new growth.

  4. @Naturally Thanks for your answer! I'm thinking of becoming a consultant in the far far future and all of this is fascinating.

  5. I have very fine,soft thin hair and have been locked for 8 years. My hair hangs straight,won't hold a curl and is very flat. I am pattern 3 and am I am really curious to know if double pattern 3 will make my hair appear fuller.

  6. Sorry for the late respond I was out of town. Your sisterlocks will grow more flat with age, and be a lot harder to keep a curl pattern. If you want longer lasting curls, then I highly recommend doing the pipe cleaner curls or the piggy back curl with perm rods to get some longer lasting curls on your locks.

    I too notice my fullness is appearing less so, but not my thickness. The only way I can get some fullness back is when I curl my hair or do a braid out.

  7. Do not use pipe cleaners. They will shed and cause lint in your locks. Perm rods and soft spikes are great! As your locs lengthen, they become heavy and hold less curl. Braid outs work well with long locs. They also give volume.

    1. Thanks for sharing your input and recommendation :D. I mostly use my lock loop and soft spike for curls, and I agree with the braid out. It works much better with longer sisterlocks.

  8. If you were started with a reverse 4, can you then retighten with a 3 pattern?

  9. What is the rotations for the double 3 pattern???

    1. I don't know what the rotation is for double 3 pattern. My consultant never disclosure that information to me and she never will.

  10. Thanks Kreyola! I guess some things are to be a secret ;) Your locks look great. I had sisterlocks years ago but had issues with thinning so I took them out. Now, I restarted my locking journey, but I started with braidlocs (Chin Length) which are as small as the sisterlock brand. Looking forward to the 3 month mark in June 2014.

    Good luck with your locking journey!

    1. You welcome!! Good luck on your new journey as well :D


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