How To: Flexi Rods on Sisterlocks

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The application of the flexi rods are very similar to pipe cleaners, but I found the flexi rod took longer for me to put on vs. the pipe cleaners. I think this stem from the fact that it was my first attempt, so I believe my speed should only improve as I keep applying them. I plan on sticking with the flex rods due to the fact that it gave me the same result as the pipe cleaners, and it doesn't snag my locks.

Once the flexi rods are installed, you will notice they are a whole lot bulkier vs the pipe cleaners which I believe is a HUGE disadvantage. To see the result of the flexi rods click here.

Material Needed

Flexible Rods
Settling Lotion (Optional)
Spray Bottle
Step 1) Lightly sprays your locks with your spray bottle (please don't drench your locks, a light spray will do). I found my curls lasted without a settling lotion, but if you feel the need for one apply it here.
Step 2) Take the Flexi Rod and slowing start wrapping a small amount of locks around the rods. When you are wrapping your locks around the rod, make sure you are overlaying the starting point of your locks at least once. This will prevent your locks from unraveling and getting loose. If you take a look at the picture on the right, you will notice it was done incorrectly, which mean it had to be redone. Note: If you want Shirley template curls, you will have to wrap your locks upward covering the flexi rods as much as you can.
Step 3) Once you have reach the end of your scalp, you will bend the excess end. Note: If you plan on sleeping with your rods, bend your rods in the direction that is comfortable for you. Even though the picture in the bottom show full length, I did indeed bend them to make them more comfortable to sleep in.
Step 4) Do step 1-3 throughout your head. This will take about 1 hour to 2 hours to complete.
To Remove, unbend the flex rods, roll them out of your locks. I slept with this over night, and even though it looks uncomfortable, it really wasn't. But then again I do sleep on my stomach.

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