Gorgeous Hair Jewelry for Sisterlocks or Micro locks

8:10 PM

These loc jewelries are made for sisterlocks or micro size loc by Kawaii adornments. I always wanted to buy a loc jewelry, but was always fearful that the jewelry would be too big or too heavy for my very small size lock. Boy was I surprise when I open the black box, and saw these beautifully made loc jewelries inside. I was amazed at how small they were. They were also light and just PERFECT for my sisterlocks. Below are the pictures, and FYI, she makes for different size locks as well, so check her out by visiting her Etsy Store.

A Beautifully Packaged Set of Jewelries

This Is The Package The Jewelry Came In

Received a FREE sample with a smiley face.
I thought the smiley face was super cute so I decided to share it :)

Sample Jewelry...I'm in LOVE.

How the Jewelry look on my small locks

Insert Tool
I really had to use the tool she included in her package to insert the jewelry.
How freaking awsome is that!!

Close up of the Jewelry (Rasta Version)

As you can see it FITS one locks...Hip Hip HOORAY!
I'm sure you can feel the excitement oozing from these pictures. I freaking love these loc jewelry, and I highly recommend Kawaii Adornments as one of your option if you looking for lock jewelry.

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