Reviews: Lock Loops™ Vs Soft Spike Curlers

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Yay! I finally decided to do a full review on these two types of curling tools after receiving my lock loops in the mail two weeks ago. This review is a little bit different because the soft spike I have is the large version of soft spike (soft spike range from small, medium, and large), and it gives a different result due to its size depending on your length. So I will try to base my review on ease of use, functionality, pricing, and longevity. I also did a "result" post of how the lock loop curls turn out. You can check out my soft spike result here (shorter locks) and here (slighter longer locks).

Lock Loops
Create full, bouncy curls for ALL types of hair!  Designed to be durable, but still soft enough to sleep in!  With our unique,  notch-locking system, Lock Loops curlers lock into place and won't slip out!

Soft Spike
The Original self-locking hair curlers. Designed with a self-locking loop that will not slip out. Our curlers can handle all types of hair, including heavier locs.

Ease of Use
Lock Loops & Soft Spike (TIED) were easy to apply and remove.

Lock Loops (WINNER) I love the lock loops two groove on the curlers. It made it much easier to lock in the tip when I was done rolling my locks. Soft spike tend to pop out if not push through the hole firmly.

Lock Loops (WINNER*) is the cheapest option with a total of 30 curlers in one package vs Large Soft Spike 20 Curlers.

Note: Lock Loop sell 1 packet (30 curlers) for $9.95. Soft Spike sell 1 packet (60 small curlers) for $19.99. If you have a lot of hair, either option would be good if you need more then 30 curlers. You not saving anything at that above rate. *Lock Loops was a winner base on the prices that I paid for the larger soft spike alone.

Lock Loops (WINNER) due to the fact that it is smaller then the soft spike, it give me a much tighter curl. This still doesn't beat the pipe cleaners or the flexi rods curls as for as longevity goes.

Final Thoughts
If I had heard about Lock Loops at the same time as Soft Spike, I would have gone with Lock Loops vs. Soft Spike because of the two groves alone that is on the Lock Loop. So in my honest humble opinion get Locks Loops instead.

I have a lot of curling tools now and below is a picture with some tips etc. Anyone want to donate the Steam Curlers by Caruso to me?

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  1. Thanks so much for this review! I was going to purchase the Soft Spikes curlers, but I will definitely consider the Lock Loops as well. I did find that the soft spikes curlers were easy to slip out when wet setting a friend's long locks who had already purchased the Soft Spikes curlers. I literally had to anchor some of the soft spikes curlers with a ponytail holder to make sure they did not come loose.

  2. You welcome and thanks for the additonal feedback :). I still use both curlers by the way :).

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    1. I got them from


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