Sisterlocks Chart - What Size Are My Locks & Are They Micros?

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I would like to apologize to my readers for referring to my sisterlocks as micros in the beginning, since that is not the whole truth. The reason I refer to them as such was solely based on when I entered the picture, and me trying to figure out what my locks size were since it was not as common. I later found out that I had "traditional" Sisterlocks, which wasn't  that much different from any others "traditional" Sisterlocks.

When I was researching sisterlocks, the size that I had was very common, but when I actually entered the picture, I notice a lot of individual I ran into had much bigger locks. So I started calling my sisterlocks "micros sisterlocks". I tried for many months to figure out what my actually size was and I finally stop referring to my sisterlocks as micro, when I went to the sisterlocks explosion, and asked the creator herself what my size was.

I came to understand now, that it is hard to explain the size of sisterlocks, because consultants are taught to install a range of size that are done not only to make your sisterlocks stylable, but also fuller. The Sisterlocks methods also has to consider the thickness of one’s hair, texture, etc. I have thick full hair, just like my daughter, so the micros were not really needed on the edge to have my sisterlocks looking like it is currently.

I don't know if my sizes are even offered anymore (many consultant refuse to do it). I do know this though, my consultant is the only one that I know of personally that still does this size, and that is her niche. But as I stated above, micros are not needed on the edge to have your sisterlocks looking like mines.

By the way, this is what I know about my size. I have micros only on the very edge of my head (like maybe three to four rows) then the locks go from mostly standard small to medium. You properly are shocked at this statement, but that is the truth. I don't know what the sizes of others sisterlocker are, and I won't be able to tell you either, since I have not been trained to tell the difference.

As for what to ask about "sizing" when getting a consultantation....I told my consultant I wanted my locks to look like hers, since I like full hair, and I simply trusted her to do it like hers. I hope I have answered all your questions regarding my sisterlocks size and wish everyone the best in choosing what is best for them.

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  1. I've followed your journey and appreciate all your perceptions. I'm 4 years into my journey and I love my hair, but sometimes wish that I had insisted on more density or more locks ( I have about 410 locks). Knowing what you know now, would you still ask for the same size?

    1. Knowing what I know now, I still would have asked for the same size. If I'm going to get sisterlocks, I want it to be small locks. Maybe that is why I waited so long before, because I wanted someone to do it like I original saw it.

      If I couldn't get it through them, I would have gone the route of braidloc, and just interlocks them small. I always wanted really small locks, because I don't like seeing scalp, and I love the fullness of the amount I have now. I also didn’t want them to look like “dreadlocks” even though that is what they are. Hope that makes sense?

  2. Thanks for this! It clarifies a lot. I felt a bit cheated by my consultant when i compared my locks to yours. I still think you have small sisterlocks due to the number of locks you have installed. It is well over the average head which is about 450 locs. Yours are beautiful and an inspiration. I shall now apologise to my consultant (in my head of course)as she did not cheat me after all.

    1. I'm glad this cleared things up for you and hope it does for many others. I'm sure the amount (450) you have is right for you and you will end up with long and lovely looking sisterlocks. I really appreciate the time it took for you to comment. Thanks!


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