Awestruck: Tayarisha (Photographer/Videographer/Writer) & Her Lovely Sisterlocks

8:49 AM

When I first saw Tayarisha picture (don't know if it was on tumbler or pinterest), her sisterlocks look so lovely, yet I had no idea who she was. This is seemed to be a common occurrence when you are a blogger, and you are blogging about your experience etc. I really do like knowing where certain pictures come from, and reading the stories behind them, and I was hoping to find hers. Well I was finally able to track the person with the amazing sisterlocks, and below is a brief intro about her.

Her name is Tayarisha Poe and she was born in Philadelphia, and is currently attending Swarthmore College located in the borough of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (which is very impressive). She loves telling stories, making movies, and taking photos. She is majoring in Visual Ethnography, which I think rock, since I love seeing sisters in the creative field. She also happens to be another young woman who was lucky enough to be natural all her life due to her mother influence. She has been sisterlocks since she was 15 years old and doesn't regret it for a min.

Her favorite product she uses to maintain her hair is as followed: She uses the Organix Shampoos lines to wash her locks (she has used more then one of their products). To condition, she uses Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Conditioning Milk (as a leave in conditioner). Her go to style is the braid out, which she does while it wet, and often used Shea Moisture’s Curl & Style Milk to maintain the hold. For her scalp, she uses coconut & castor oil. She highly believes that drinking plenty of water contributes to long healthy looking sisterlocks.

I love photography, and so admire her style of photos. She is a very talented young woman, and her photos are sooo expressive. You can find out more about her on her blog here. If you want to check out her awesome talent check out her photography here & her videos here.

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  1. My goodness, she is a kid! I didn't realize that a lot of the ladies who have really long sisterlocks are so young.

    1. A lot of sisterlocks wearing are starting off really young, and the majority of them do not want to deal with their hair and opting for this alternative vs. the perm.


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