Style Edition: High Classic Bun with Brown Bow (Part II)

2:16 PM

From the last time I did this classic bun, my sisterlocks has since grew a lot, making this bun much easier to do. I added the hair bow to tuck in the stray hair. I also notice with this bun, my sides & middle has GREATLY improved. Really happy about that. This is a quick 5 min hair do that can be dress up for any outing.

Sooooo...I had gotten a nice tan due to Memorial weekend (the beach) and the foundation I have came to love, is now a little lighter than me. So I read up that some ladies have winter and summer foundation. I'm going to have to pass on that, and just way less makeup this summer...sheesh. 

By the way, I like this shade of lipstick better lol ^_^.

Hmmm...I also notice you guys are getting an awesome view of my new home (*sigh*)...I need to find a new  place to takes pictures. I'm really starting to miss my old backyard.

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  1. that bun looks delicious, loool. I love it, can't wait until I can achieve that

    1. Thanks!!! I really love how the bun look on me, and it such an easy and fun style too.

  2. I love this bun and the dress looks cute too! Did you use a hairnet to secure the bun or no?

    1. Thanks...I love how that dress looked on me :D. I didn't use a hairnet to secure the bun. I use donuts bun made of spongy material.

  3. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I love your sisterlocks. I just think that shade of makeup washes you out a little bit, it may just be the light in those two shots though. I think you are gorgeous, I just think a new shade of foundation may be something to look into.

    1. Thanks Shae, yeah the color of foundation is now too light, and I do need to get another foundation for the summer, but I'm being too lazy and cheap, since it took me a while to find this foundation during the winter months. Now I'm skipping the application of foundation for now and just doing eye shadow and practicing on my eyebrow ^_^. Thank for the compliment and being a follower :D.


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