Awestruck: Eva Badon is a Singer/Songwriter who Rocks Sisterlocks

10:08 AM

If you have visited any Blogs, Forum, or even Tumblr that are tag with natural hair, you have run into to some type of picture that shows off Eva's Sisterlocks. She is another face with no name, and I wanted to find out more information about her, and I was pleasantly surprise at what I did find. Finding information about this talented young lady was hard, and I’m not sure if the information here is completely correct. She has different alias, but she goes by the name of Eva Badon and her stage name is E.V. Baby.

Eva Badon is a singer/songwriter who has been amazing her friends and family since the age of two with her talent. She started writing her own song at the age of six, and with the help of her parents and music teacher, E.V. Baby started performing at several events throughout the community in Racine WI where she lived until the age of nine.

While she was preforming at her High Idol competition, Tizone who is a Platinum Producer that has worked with artists such as R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Keith Sweat, Twista, etc., discovered her.  At the young age of 17, she was finally able to release a mini-album and later a full album title “Joyride”. She has since been performing at every show that she can get her hands on and is currently getting vocal training, as well as dancing lesson from Millennium Dance Complex.

She will be turning 18 soon and is currently resign in Los Angeles, California. Her songs are mostly comprised of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, but what I also found to be fascinating about this young lady is that she can also sing in Japanese (check her singing in Japanese here). I would love to know if she speaks Japanese fluently, since she is into Japanese fashion as well as classy street-style. I wish her the very best in her journey and hope she achieve all of her dreams. You can find some of her videos on YouTube and her Facebook fan page here.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for putting a name and providing information to the "face".

    1. You welcome! Thanks for commenting on this post.

  2. Replies
    1. I would love to get my sister locs done in pa their no one to do them :( in thanks for the info

    2. I was able to find some in PA on the site. Please find as much information you can on sisterlocks and then start looking at trainees & consultant for installation. I have ton on information on this blog that will help make this decision easier. Trainee list for your area is here and Consultant list in your area is here Good luck!!!

  3. Hi would you mind redacting my legal name from this article? I don't want people trying to find me. Thank you!

    1. I updated the name to Eva Badon. I hope that is okay? Let me know.


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