How To: Start Your Mircolocks or Interlocks

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This "how to" is broken down into two post. One is how to start your mircolocks, and the second part is more information about the interlocking pattern and process. Starting this method on your own is going to be difficult  but it is not impossible. Your locks may not be perfect, but they should still look darn good.

This method has been around for a long time, and it should be SHARED, and not kept a secret. I don't advise other to take this method, and try to past it off as something else, because you are liable to get sued for using that brand.

How To Start
How you start your locks is up to you, but if you want to start off with smaller size locks, I will go with either backcomb method or braidloc method (just braiding small plats). If you start the backcomb method, just do it a the tip of your hair (which will create nice knotting hair) and then proceed to do the interlocking pattern going all the way to your scalp.

Which Tool to Use
If you do decided to go the interlocking route, and are going for smaller locks, you can maintain your locks with either the Nappylocs tool, paperclip (with larger locks), sewing needle, crochet needle (modify) or a latch hook.

How To Size
If you going for the micro to small locks, then your parts would be 1/8" to 1/4" squares. If you want to go for medium to large locks, then your parts would be 1/4" to 3/8". The smaller parts would be your edges on the front and the back. The bigger parts will be done in the middle. If you want even larger parts, you can go past 3/8", and follow the same pattern as explain above.

How to Maintain
Avoid using conditioner until your locks are settle and use shampoos that are very striping (good ones are the ones that are marketed as clarifying shampoos). It is recommend to braid down or twist your newbie locks when washing. Than you going to shampoo your scalp and your braids/twist. Once you have complete the cleaning of your locks, separate them so they don't crawl or merge with each other. Avoid using oils in the beginning, and when you do decide to wash your hair, do it the day before you are going to interlock your new growth.

Click here for the "How to" on interlocking Pattern

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