How Does Sisterlocks Feel?

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When I first considered dreadlocks, one of my main concerns was the feel of them. I'm not going to lie, the cost of dreadlock, compared to Sisterlocks, was something that attracted me the most about them. What made me stay away from the regular dreadlocks was the act of touching a couple of them (permission asked first by the way).

The first sets that I touched was way too rough (he didn't need or use beeswax since he just interlocked). The second set was much softer, and was done via palm roll, but the issue with that set was all due to the beeswax residue, which I hate. So I stuck with my natural hair for a while and continued to research Sisterlocks. Then I had the opportunity to touch someone who had Sisterlocks, and the decision to go with Sisterlocks was finally made.


First thing first, hair texture plays a huge role on how soft your Sisterlocks can be. Another factor that plays with the softness of your Sisterlocks is the dryness level of your locks. Those two items alone can play a major role on how soft or rough your mature Sisterlocks will eventually feel to the touch. I can only speak for my texture, and how it compare to what I have touch in the past. Mines are indeed softer then beeswax version, but not by much.

If you ever had your hair braided with human hair before (micros braids) in the past, that how your Sisterlocks will feel if you have my hair texture.

Factors to Consider

When coloring locks, you need some kind of moisture, because your locks will get and feel super dry. That is why I will never recommend coloring for newbies who want to color before having Sisterlocks installed. I will also not recommend newbies to get their hair colored a couple months after either.  Just like when your hair is a natural, you need to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. You can't do that in the newbie stage of Sisterlocks. Even now, with mature locks and coloring with just the Jet Black color, my locks still need to be treated and moisturize.

What I Use to Combat Roughness

I don't spray my hair with water anymore, I'm past that stage now. The reason that I don't need to spray water on my locks anymore is because I use conditioners now, which helps combat super dry locks. I also like to use my Onyx Moroccan Oil, because it is super light, easy to apply, and doesn’t feel heavy. Another bonus with this oils is that it  DOES NOT leave any residue on my locks. That how I was able to finally put  my homemade spray to rest.

Products I Love & Use Now

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  1. I love locks. I have always have. Yours look so pretty.

  2. I purposely want my locks firm to the touch when I am wearing curly loc styles. Any hair or locs that are too soft will not hold the curls. I had someone ask to feel by locs when they were at the height of curliness. I agreed to let them touch, but they did not say anything. I did not think anything of it until later. Black women continue to not understand locked hair. So this is a great article to begin discussion about the feel of dreadlocks. When my curls start to leave my Sisterlocks, then they begin to feel softer, and I will sometimes use a hydration spray. However, I focus on the look of my Sisterlocks versus how they feel. Obviously, a firm feeling from my setting agents is different than dry, brittle hair, but many people just do not understand. Lately, I have felt exhausted trying to explain that hair grows out of the scalp the same way as when you are born. Locks are no more permanent than a chemical relaxer. Actually, they are less permanent. Because I am a full time hair person, I can not just ignore all the crazy loc questions like can you wash your hair? But I get so tired of educating people how dreadlocks and hair are the same thing. The only difference is do you leave it loose or do you condense it. I am so happy that you continue to educate folks about Sisterlocks as well. LOL

    1. Yeah...the information that is out there is not enough and even though I share this here, people will still ask. We just have to help while we can.

  3. And lovely Sisterlocks as usual!!!!! I often compare my length checks with your documented journey. It is sooo cool.

  4. Wow, what an interesting post! Your hair looks beautiful, great choice! Thanks so much for sharing the difference between the two, which I never knew.

    I hope you have an amazing day, beauty!



  5. Great review the hair :) Love your hair.
    *new follower in the blog

  6. Cabelos lindos, bom final de semana

  7. Your hair is beautiful and you take good care of it.

  8. nice hair review, its suits you so well
    new post ;

  9. First, the new blog design looks fantastic! Love it! Second, it was interesting to learn more about your Sisterlocks process! Your hair always looks great so obviously you have it down to an art!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  10. Beautiful!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  11. Your hair is gorgeous girl! Seems like you chose the best option for you. I've always loved dreads and sisterlocs and really enjoy how they can be manipulated into so many beautiful styles!

  12. I love your locks

  13. Is this the four and half hour deal? Totally worth it!

    From Jing at

  14. Your hair is beautiful. It is very interesting reading about sisterlocks.

  15. You have gorgeous hair! I loved this post so much. I like how you compared and talked about the feel. Very cool love your blog also. Took a look at your style posts you have great fashion sense. xx

  16. I prefer a soft touch to my locks too.but I can hold a curl in Ohio.when I come to FL, I clarify and strip the oils do I can hold a firm wave or curl pattern. Babies are over 2 yrs now...find me on Pinterest!


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