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Interlocking is becoming very popular among many people who are locked or are considering locking. Many are tying to find the best tools for interlocking their own locks, whether it was started off from palm roll, braidlocs, etc. If you have sisterlocks, you have an option of taking a class that teaches you how to retighten your own sisterlocks, as well as being provided with a special made clip tool for your keeping (Average Cost $265.00 - $285 for the class).

Now they are some individual that can't take the class, and may be considering taking down their locks. I will always suggest to try some of the option listed below for retightening/interlocking your locks. Below are list of tools available for interlocking your locks.

Latch Hook
Advantage: As close you can get to a Sisterlocks Clip tool (ton of resource).
Disadvantage: The length and base can be to thick or long for micro to small sisterlocks
How To: Dewdrop has a wonderful video demonstration here

Metal/Plastic Yarn Needle (Modify)
Advantage: Easy to Use (ton of resource).
Disadvantage: You need tools in order to modify. Due to its size, it tend to get lost easily, as well as Longer retighen time
How To: You have to modify the metal or plastic needle first (click here for how to), and then you can interlocks your locks. You can see the video demonstration here.

Sisterlocks Clip & Hook Tool
Advantage: Made especially  for Sisterlocks (Micro to Large).
Disadvantage: Have to take the class in order to get it. To get the clip tool it is going to cost you $250 (retighen class) and to get the Hook Tool it is going to cost you $1,495.00 (consultant training class)
How To: You out of luck, since they frown upon sharing that information (plus you can get sued).

NappyLoc Tool
Advantage: Very Easy to Use (Very popular among the Sisterlocks community)
Disadvantage: Cost, and due to its size, it tend to get lost easily.
How To: Nicole has a wonderful video showing how she used the Nappyloc tool for her sisterlocks. You can see the video demonstration here.

Loc-Key Tool
Advantage: Very Easy to Use. If you are in the UK, this should be a cheaper alternative to the Nappyloc tool.
Disadvantage: New to the game. Cost, and due to its size, it tend to get lost easily. Low resource/information and look very similar to the NappyLoc tool.
How To: You can see the video demonstration this here

Hand Made Paper Clip Tool
Advantage: Cheap & Easy To Use
Disadvantage: Not Durable*, Easy to lose. Longer retighen time ( *a box full of paperclip make this a none issue. right?).
How To: I did a post on how to make this here. You can view a video demonstration of this here.

Hair Pin
Advantage: Cheap & Easy to Use
Disadvantage: Easy to lose. Longer retighen time.
How To: You can check out the video demonstration of this here.

What ever tool you decided to use or have been using, please remember to NEVER excessively retighten or interlock your locks. A good rotation is every four to eight week weeks. Also note that if the tool is to big to go through your roots, then find another solution, because you locks will suffer if you constantly try to push a tool that is too big for your roots, when interlocking your locks.

As always, comments are welcome, and if you found a new tool that you have used or currently using, please go ahead and share.

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  1. Hi Kreyola! I wish to have an advice regarding my grid size (all my locks are installed but I wonder about the size in the front). I would like to show you my Dropbox album about that. Is there an email address I can join you to show you? Thanks in advance :) !

    1. Hey Mouli...I have a contact form in the bottom, you can send me the link there. I added that so people could contact me if needed.

  2. Hey Kreyola,

    How can I get a review from you for my locking tool?

    1. Do have a clearer pictures of the locking tool? I can't really tell from the site or video. Do you know anyone that have used it other then yourself, that is on YouTube?

    2. New videos will be uploaded frequently with better production quality.

    3. There is a money back gaurantee. So there is no risk in trying it.


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