Disadvantages of Sisterlocks for the Newbies...Don't Get It If...

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I decided to write this post because I wanted to inform the newbie’s on what to considered when getting sisterlocks, and avoid the lost of time and money that is involve in getting sisterlocks, especially if you still not sure if you want sisterlocks or not. Each dreadlock technique has its own disadvantage, but as a sisterlocks wearer, I will list sisterlocks (brotherlocks) disadvantages.

Point I
Cost - If you can't afford them. Don't get them. It doesn’t matter if you going to use your income tax to foot the bill for the initial install. If you can't afford them to beginning with, on a month to month bases, then don't get them. Who better to know their own finances than you. I call on you to be the responsibility party for controlling your own pocketbook. Budget and find out if you can afford sisterlocks and don't waste your income tax and money period, especially if you know you can't afford it in a long run. If you like wearing weave or braids please check out this post to see if you truly can’t afford sisterlocks.

Note: You can maintain your own sisterlocks after your locks has settled, but Point III comes into play. If either of Point I, Point II, and Point III comes into play  then don't bother getting sisterlocks. Also I know thing can happens, and you may have been able to afford it in the beginning, but due to job loss etc, you can't afford sisterlocks now. Point III still applies to you and if you feel that way, don't get sisterlocks.

Point II
Maintenance - This coincide inside with the "Cost". If you can't afford the cost to maintain your sisterlocks, please don't bother getting sisterlocks. You are paying for the time of the Consultant and they truly deserve the money that they are being paid. It takes a lot of work to retighten sisterlocks as well as to install them (14-18 hours split between days). FYI...sisterlocks are not completely maintenance free. It requires a commitment of 4-6 weeks of retighten.

If you were a DIYER and believe Sisterlocks is the solution to your detangling and maintenance hog of your current natural hair routine, please don't get sisterlocks. Sisterlocks is not a miracle cure. Sisterlocks will have you committed to someone to maintain your sisterlocks in the beginning. I hear comments like this a lot "This take me back to getting relaxers (perms)". If that statement applies to you and you feel that way, then you will have a problem with someone maintaining your hair for 6 months tops.You are going to be with your consultant for a couple of month until your sisterlocks is settle.

Point III
Patience - I can't stress enough how much patience you need for sisterlocks. Sisterlocks are not INSTANT dreads. If you don't have patience, and you don’t want to be bother with the time it takes for your sisterlocks to mature, don’t bother getting sisterlocks. Especially if Point I & II is in the pictures. Also If you don't have patience now, then you WILL NOT have the patience to maintain your own sisterlocks, which ranges from 300 - 600 on average. Maintaining your own sisterlocks is a lot more time consuming, than any other dreadlock technique. I'm talking about 4-8 hours, depending on the size of your locks, and the amount of growth you have.

Note: I'm perfectly happy with someone maintaining my hair but one day I will learn how to maintain my own sisterlocks because I don't ever want to be stuck without having my hair retighten due to some incident that is beyond my control.

Point IV
Time - If you lead a VERY busy life. Sisterlocks require 2.5 - 6 hours of your life every 4 - 6 weeks. Save yourself the trouble if you can't fit the maintenance of sisterlocks in your schedule. I hear people say that they just don't like the amount of time it takes to retighten sisterlocks and they feel that it is a waste of time. If that sound like you, don’t get sisterlocks, especially if you don’t want to take the time to do your own research, as well as finding the right consultant, and taking the time to ask question, and making sure you getting the right product. There are too many horror stories of sister that didn’t get true sisterlocks, or consultant being sloppy with their works, and that should be something that you learn from.

If any of the above Point applies to you. Don't get sisterlocks. Also for the non sisterlocks wearer, please don't mock or say negative comments about people who have sisterlocks. I hear it and I read it and it’s sad that we as African American can't be nice to one another. Just like we have different shades, we also have different hair style, pattern, and locks, and we need to appreciate the differences and move on. I don't think I'm better then you just because I have sisterlocks. I just happen to choose sisterlocks because I love the look and I’m willing to commit to the time and money it takes to achieve long healthy small locks.

This post was not meant to upset you or alienate you. I showing tough love to avoid money being wasted because someone didn't do enough research to figure out what is involve with getting sisterlocks. None of my point is new. All this information is available via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. There is TON of blogs that discuss these types of issues. Save yourself the trouble, and learn about these issues before getting sisterlocks. All the blogger out there that are talking about their sisterlocks experience are there for a reason, and that is to help you make the right decision/choice. If you are considering sisterlocks, think hard on it. Much love and I really hope this post made your sisterlocks decision a whole lot easier.

FYI if I didn't scare you off on getting sisterlocks, please visit this post, about what you should know before getting sisterlocks. I will do a post about the advantage of sisterlocks in the future. So keep watch and keep researching.

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  1. Great post! These things are a must if you are considering SL's. I made a post about this last year in a fury..lol because I had to get a major repair done on my locks. So I practically paid to have them installed, taken down and reinstalled $$$$$$$$$$$$$$! I am happy now though:)

  2. I'm glad that you are happy with your sisterlocks. They look beautiful by the way It blog like yours and many others that help me with my decision on getting sisterlocks and making sure I get what I wanted. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I hope you still check this post :D I really appreciated it. I actually gave myself small locks a few years ago, they looked really good and if I had more money then they would've been WAY better. They didn't completely lock so I took them out and went back to an afro.

    Now I'm wondering if I want to do it for real this time or if I'm going to miss my afro. I really don't know which to pick, do I want to see how long my locks would grow in 5 years or do I want to keep my moderately long afro.

    I don't mind cutting my hair if I get tired of dreads a few years from now, I just don't know how strongly I'll miss my fluffy soft afro BUT I love the way my hair moves when it's long...

    Help :)

  4. You will miss your afro because sometime I do. If you NOT tired of taking care of your afro, then I don't recommend getting sisterlocks.

    I'm glad I went the natural route and had my afro for a couple of months, because I really came to appreciate my natural hair, but I don't miss the process of maintaining my natural hair. If my Afro could just be, then I may have waited a little longer before getting sisterlocks.

    If you still having doubts, then I suggest waiting, but if you really wants sisterlocks, I say go for it. I just think it is an expensive route to go to if you knows you going to cut them in 5 or more years from now. Hope my input helped.

    1. I am considering sisterlocks but have slowly thinning hair. I have read that sis locks can be tight which would not be helpful. I stopped putting in plats some yrs ago as I didn't want anything to contribute to the thinning.

    2. If your hair is thinning, then doing any type of dreadlocks will not stop it from thinning, unless you stop the hair from thinning itself. Once you stop the hair from thinning, then you can get sisterlocks.

      I do suggest getting them smaller to disguise your thin spot (a precaution if your hair starts to thin again). Please explain the situation to your consultant, and she will advise you on the route to go.

      Please note that if you have naturally thinning hair, and it getting better without any pressure (meaning you are a natural) then don't get sisterlocks or any dreadlocks, because locks will put tension on your scalp & hair. The size of your locks will not matter, if the base of your locks is not stable.

  5. This is totally on point. I think the biggest challenge is the maintenance, but for me there is no easy way to maintain my hair no matter what style I do. Thanks for this article. It's helpful for people to know what they are getting into before they dive right in.

    1. Thanks for commenting :). Yeah the maintenance of sisterlocks are no joke. People need to seriously consider that before jumping on board. As the saying goes...pain is beauty.... and that saying applies to sisterlocks wholeheartedly.

  6. I think my number one problem with Sisterlocks is it seems we are expected to be walking advertisements or our hair is representative of the company at all items. You hear things like "maintain the integrity" and lots of emphasis on how our hair is trademarked. The sisterlocks community seems a bit uppity and shuns diversity.

    1. "The sisterlocks community seems a bit uppity and shuns diversity. "

      It seem you may be right about this statement. A lot of us are not like that though, and I hope you meet the part of the community that is both helpful, and that embraces diversity.

  7. thank you for the post. I have been thinking about SL but I don't have the patience to sit in someones shop/salon for 2.5-6 hrs every 4-6 wks. plus I am concerned about breakage. my hair is really thick but i'm still concerned

    1. All your concerns are valid. As for breakage, that can happen if you suffer from breakages or hair thinning now, sisterlock though will not be the cause of breakage itself.

      As for patience, that is the number reason why many do not get sisterlocks, it takes a lot of it and that is something I'm glad you realize that you don't have ^_^. Good luck to whatever journey you take.

  8. Sisterlocks does require a lot of upfront costs but once you take personal ownership and responsibility for the maintenance, it becomes worth it. Nine years and counting since I got my Sisterlocks. I took ownership of my hairt within 3 months because I like the perimeter tight and neat. Furthermore, my loctician a full time CPA did not always have enough time for me. The way round it, was retightening in stages. The perimeter always took priority as that kept my hair neat and reduced the risk of vulnerable locks unraveling or falling out. The rest of the hair, I tightened whenever I could. I usually tightened my hair on the early morning train commute to work, on a plane flying to wherever and late at night while watching tv. I would normally sit at the back of the train car or plane so as not to attract unnecessary attention. Luckily most commuters tend to sleep or read at on the early morning train commute. As such I was never conscious of how much time I spent tightening my hair. In addition, I love my hair especially the end result. I do not know about the Sisterlock community being stuck up.
    I do know however that women in various parts of Africa have been wearing tiny and micro locks for centuries before a system was invented in America that is now known to the rest of the world as Sisterlocks.
    Please visit the links below.


    1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful feedback!! I just recently become aware of the certain African group having micro locks. In fact I did a post about them as well, you should check it out.

  9. do you recommend sisterlocks for white girls? I have been doing twists and love it.... I currently have kinky twists (long).... and am considering something more permanent....

    1. I have seen a white girl have sisterlocks, so it is possible (and she had super straight hair). The things is that you would have to be super patience, and your locks may take twice as long to mature and lock.

  10. Hi Kreyola. I love this website! I have a had atough time with my SL's since installation last July. My consultant had a very callenging nature and as a result ended up leaving her. In the first instance she charged me £400 because my hair was shoulder length. She then went back on our verbal agreemant to pay the secong half of the payment at my second retightening, and literally extorted £150 from me the next day! On top of that my SL's vary in size and are not uniform some are extremely thin and some are moderatley thick. 10 of my locks have broken off the FRONT of my hair (near my temples). I can not find a Consultant that really cares about my hair. I have had three since and they have not helped me at all. One even told me cut them off. They either left locs out or kept interlocking the same way which resulted in a few 'catapult' locs, which is basically a lock splitting in two from the scalp end.
    I have had a hard time loving my hair again but im optimistic again. Is there a possibility of reporting my consultant and being compensated?


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