My Trip to the Sisterlocks Explosion

11:14 AM

Hi all, as you know, I went to the Sisterlocks explosion on Saturday. I had a great time and I finally met the creator of Sisterlocks in person. I can’t stress how nice she was. I took two classes. One was about Holistic Living, and the other was about hair loss. Both classes were free! I meet a couple of ladies at the event, most I remember from blogs I have read. Sophia is even more amazing in person, and Robin (who if is reading this, need to send me her blog link), and also a wonderful lady from the Facebook Fan Page.

Trip Spending

  •  Round Trip Ticket cost was $ 139.40
  • MARTA Train Cost was $4.50 round trip
  • I happen to also visit a natural hair expo that was happening at the same time. I purchase a dedangler for my daughter hair. Cost $10 for three bottles. Normally the cost is $10 PER bottle at Beauty Exchange.
  • I purchase two beautiful hair ties from Marvelous Locks, Looks, & Leisure Times. Cost $25
  • Food: Went to a bar grill, and purchase a burger and onion wings, for $12 and went to Moe’s, and purchase a burrito and drink, for $10.
  • When I was going through the security gate I found out that I couldn’t carry any liquid product that had more than 3.5 oz. Can anyone say I was a little pissed!!!!! End up buying a bag for $10, and I had to pay to check in the bag, which cost $20
Total Cost: $230.90

Things I learn

  1. I have the standard sisterlocks size. I thought mines was super small, but one of the season sisterlocks consultant, stated that this used to be how sisterlocks were done in the very begining, but now consultant are getting trained on making it bigger, which makes it more affordable for clients.
  2. Sisterlocks will be upgrading or changing some of their ingredient on the main sisterlocks products line. They also researching and developing some new products as well, example would be hair coloring especially made for sisterlocks.
  3. The main sisterlocks blog will be coming in soon, she told me in about a month, so keep a look out ladies.
  4. I learn a lot more, and will do full blog post explaining in detail, what I have learned. Keep a look out for posts about coloring, hair loss, etc.
Finger Combing
her Sisterlocks
Showing how she
style her long locks
Her Silver Sisterlocks
was lovely
This is how my hair
will turn out. Her Size
match mines
Here another viewKids modeling with

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  1. Hello, how are you? It was nice meeting you at the Sisterlock show. Wish we could have taken more time to talk. Maybe when the have a show in your town we can have a Sisterlock meet up. My blog is Lovin Natural 46. I follow yours so hopefully we can keep in touch. Btw, I had my install done on the next day. Sunday, Dec 5th. After 13 1/2 hours I am now officially part of the sisterhood. :>) I'm excited and look forward to the progress. Glad to have met you. Peace and Blessings!

  2. Welcome to the Sisterlocks family. If we ever have a show down here, I would like to do a meet up for real. FYI - I visit your blog and subscribe. I look forward to watching you progress. If you have any question or concerns, just ask. I really appreciate your comment!

  3. Awesome! I would love to go to a sisterlocks event sometime... but it would definitely cost me a lot more than $230USD since I'm in Canada! Oh well, at least I can enjoy your pictures. Love the one of the kids with sisterlocks. So pretty!

  4. Thanks Evelyn! I was really surprise that was the total cost of my trip. There were a lot of kids rocking sisterlocks, they were the cuties thing. Some were asking me about my daughter and if she has sisterlocks. I said no. I would like for her to make that decision and if she said yes I would be the one to do the retighten after the consultant install it. Two head are not in my budget.

  5. Hello. I'm the one that gave you a banana at the event lol. It was great meeting you. I enjoy reading your blog.

    Tammy Gibson
    Certified Sisterlocks Consultation

  6. Yes I remember you and your sisterlocks (wish was just beautiful by the way). You save my mood and my day with that banana. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. Thanks again for commenting.

  7. Hey Kreyola looks like you had a great time in the ATL! I wanted to go so bad but couldn't take off from work ( live in Oklahoma) I used to live in Atlanta and that's where I did my Sisterlock training. I love the picture of you and Dr. C and your right she is one of the sweetest and very humble ladies I met. I was very surprised by how nice she was when she came to our class. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  8. @Naturally. You are very welcome, and thanks for sharing your information about where you got trained. If I ever go back to ATL, it will have to be more then one day. Beautiful city and the people there were super nice.

  9. Love this site! I just took out my locs after eight years to have them redone (too much inconsistency causing blowouts and breakage.) It took me three and a half weeks to take the locs out. It was awful and it looked terrible but it can be done. I'll have my locs redone in two weeks and I can't wait. There's not an hour that goes by that I don't miss them. I mean really, I had to actually buy a comb and comb my hair!

  10. "I had to actually buy a comb and comb my hair!"--> I sorry that you had to cut down your locks but I"m glad you getting it back again. I know first hand how natural hair can be and I know I will be forever be sisterlocked. Thanks for commenting on my blog :D.


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