Don't add curlers, braids, or any heat on wet Sisterlocks

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This post going is to be short and sweet. Please don't do or apply ANY thing while your hair is wet, especially if you just wash your sisterlocks or dreadlock. The warnings are out there about the danger of that but I hear suggestion that goes against those warning.

It seems the more length you have, the more creative people are getting with their locks, which is great! Just don't apply any additional tension while the hair is wet. Your sisterlocks or dreadlocks just need to be lightly damp for any curls or braid out to be successful. Braiding your hair, and adding curling to your hair while it is wet, will not only introduce issues like mildew (since the hair is taking longer to dry), but your locks can end up rotting as well (rare but not uncommon). Never mind the tension you are adding to your lock that will lead to thinning locks and locks breaks in general. If you want to add curl or do a braid out after you have wash your hair, let the hair dry a little (until it is slightly damp) and then add whatever curls or braids you want. Never and I mean never add tension while the hair is dripping wet. Tension comes from braiding, curls, and even twists. If you want to make your curls last longer, then add a settling lotion before your routine. I don't use settling lotion, and I could care less if my curls last more than two days.

And finally, don't add extremely heat on wet locks or hair in general. Extremely heat comes from flat iron or plates, and blow driers. The picture on the right is what you are doing to your hair when you apply extreme heat to wet hair. The hair staff forms what I consider blister or what is common know on the internet as "Bubble Hair." I have read that lock sometime takes a long time to dry, currently my sisterlocks does not take a long time to dry, but I know it may be a problem with very thick locks or even longer lock, but I will still urge you to use caution whenever applying any heat to your locks.

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  1. This is very true and thanks for this infor. Just to add that, when our hair is wet, it expands and when it dries it contracts. So when the hair is already subjected to tension, it will break as it dries. It's advisable not to tighten rollers, pipe cleaners etc, on wet locks or do tight braids or cornrows.

  2. @Zar I didn't know when our hair is wet it expands and when it dries it contracts. Now everything makes sense. I’m really grateful for your additional input. This information will help many others that are just learning about maintaining healthy locks.

  3. Thank you for this post. I ALWAYS roll my hair (I use rods) after I wash it while it is still dripping wet. I never knew I was damaging it or potentially causing mildew. From now on, I'll let it dry first then spritz with water and/or sit under a dryer. Thanks again!

  4. @R You very welcome and I want to say thank you for commenting on my blog.


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