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For the most part I still love my Sisterlocks. I'm just not feeling the three colors I currently have on my locks. I tried to love it, but I don't and I'm regretting not dying my hair straight black like I originally wanted to. So when my 2 year anniversary comes up, I will be dying my hair straight black.

Any of you ladies know a thing or two about hair coloring? I have a question for you. If I dye my hair straight black in the future, will my bleach ends continue to be a different color?

Loving My Sisterlocks Here
Loving My Stickies ( Hair Growth After Lock Thinning & Lost)

Not Feeling the Three Tones Colors
I know most of my friends and family don't want to go straight black, but the three colors are bugging the heck out of me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a graphic designer, and seeing all those colors with no exact patterns is tacky to me. In the end this turn out to be another lesson learned.


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  1. Hi Kreyola,

    I can only go off my own experience with color. At around 9 months I had a colorist lift my dark brown locs to apply the color burgundy. After that I continued to color my locs with a burgundy from Clairol's Texture & Tone line for a year. Then I tried a different color red (made by Revlon I think) that turned my locs a muppet red! I didn't want to walk around like this so to correct the situation I colored my locs black and have not colored my hair since. It's now been 11 months. But 5 months after I colored my hair black the black faded and the old color came out in the back of my head. It's no longer red but a copper brown color. So it looks like I colored my ends but I didn't it's just old color. I guess if I recolor my hair black maybe the old color won't show when the black fades. I'm trying to stay away from coloring my locs so the color on my ends will just be there until I decided to cut them off lol! So basically even if you color your hair black the old color might show when the black fades.

  2. :( I figure as much. Even now I see the colors of my tips are slowing reverting or showing the old color that I had before. Thanks for your input I greatly appreciate it.


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