How To: Flat Ironed Sisterlocks

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Let me say first of all that flat ironing and curling ironing, etc., will cause some kind of hair damage if not use properly. I would suggest doing this on SPECIAL occasion or every 3-4 months.

I also HIGHLY recommend to use a thermal protection spray as well. Also note that you should only flat iron your sisterlocks if your hair is settle, and is locked.

Material Needed
Thermal Protection Spray
Flat Iron (Preferably FHI, CHI, Solia, and Sedu flat irons)

The flat iron I have is Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener 1.5 Inch, which is very expensive, but I love the fact that I could adjust the heat, and it's one of the safest flat iron option out there period. For my thermal protection spray, I use "Got 2b Guardian Angel 425° F Heat Protect", and that seem to work best with no residue. You don't have to pick my thermal spray, you can use whatever one you like, just test it on a section of your locks first.

STEP 1 - Wash and Condition Your Sisterlocks. Once your sisterlocks is dry proceed to Step 2.
STEP  2 - Apply the thermal protective spray. Reason why I wait until my sisterlocks is dry is because it easier for me to see, and feel that my hair has the protective spray on it. Once you have sprayed your sisterlocks, you will let that air dry as well. Remember, DO NOT apply high heat on soaking wet hair.
STEP 3 - Once your sisterlocks is dry, section your sisterlocks into four parts, and proceed to flat iron your locks. If you want a flip or layer wave style, flat iron your sisterlocks in a direction of your choice, instead of stright stroke, which will give you pin stright locks. Note: The setting for my flat iron was 320. I receive great result with that, and I didn't need to put it on high (410), which I think is an over kill anyway. Not all flat iron have heat range options, so please be careful.

Above I give you a list of flat iron to use, versus telling you to pick mine. The ones above are good, but expensive for a reason. As long as you pick a true Ceramic/Tourmaline flat iron you should be okay.

To see the end result of flat iron my sisterlocks click here.

Note: You can click on any of the images to enlarge. All image are copyright by me. Please ask for permission if you want to use any of my pictures.

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  1. I had no idea we could flat iron them. Impressive.

    1. You can also curl them with a curling iron as well :).


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