Flat Iron Result on Micro Sisterlocks

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I wanted to do something totally different with my sisterlocks, so I flat ironed my sisterlocks three weeks ago.

I researched flat irons for months, and recently starting looking for YouTube videos on "how to" on flat ironing sisterlocks. I was surprised to run into a YouTube video, that was made by a sisterlocks consultant (Roni Rasheedah). It also happen that I saw her at the sisterlocks explosion. She made me feel comfortable enough to flat iron my sisterlocks.

You can take a look at her video here, or you can check out my how to here. Below are the result of my flat iron.

Before & After
Result of flat ironing my sisterlocks

1 Week Old = Successful
Start seeing some shrinkage & curls but my sisterlocks was still straighter then normal

Back to Normal = Successful
This was after my sisterlocks was washed and as you can see it back to normal

Back to Curls = Successful
As you can see, all of my curls return without any issues.

Hair Fully Dried = Skrinkage
My hair usually shrink even more when I wash it.
I usually wear it like this or do some style to stretch it.

My flat ironed sisterlocks last till I washed my hair. The length I got was AMAZING. It was so strange to have my own hair touching my back, without having to tilt my head backward. I love thickness, but when I flat ironed my sisterlocks, the thickness of my locks went away, making it very easy to put my sisterlocks in a ponytail. Another thing I notice after my sisterlocks was flat ironed was how soft my sisterlocks were, which is why I don't recommend this for newly install sisterlocks.

After washing my hair, I notice immediately my hair shrunk. I inspected my hair to see if any of my sisterlocks was permanently straight (took dozen of pictures), and didn't notice anything out of the norm. I missed the length that I receive due to the flat iron, but I miss the thickness even more. So I'm torn, and I'm glad, because that tells me I have OPTIONS! So I made the decision to flat iron my sisterlocks on special occasion, and only if I plan on doing a style that require a little more length. I don't know about you, but if this doesn't PROVE how varsity sisterlocks is, I don't know what will.

Left Is Before Flat Iron & Right is After Flat Iron & Wash
Back to normal for my sisterlocks :)
Flat ironing sisterlocks is a GREAT solution for sisterlocks wearer that is due for a retighten, and need an extra boost with management of thick sisterlocks, due to new hair growth or missing a sisterlocks appointment (which I advise against). Flat ironing my sisterlocks helped with the painful hair snapping due to new hair growth, since my hair was due for a retightening the following 1 1/2 week. My flat ironed sisterlocks made it feel like I could go another two weeks. I don't about you guys, but when my sisterlocks is due for a retightening, my sisterlocks give me seriously trouble when I try to run my finger through it, the flat iron result on my hair made that a NONE issue until I washed my hair.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment.

Note: You can click on any of the images to enlarge. All image are copyright by me. Please ask for permission if you want to use any of my pictures.

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  1. Gave you a stylish blogger award http://lovelifelocks.blogspot.com/

  2. @Bajan Lily you just made my day *HUGE GRIN*. Thank You!!!! I really appreciate this!

  3. @Natural High You have to try this, you will be surprise on how much length you get. Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you back to blogging :).


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