I Phased Out Biotin & Sticking To Regular Vitamins

7:25 AM

Now that my hair is growing back, and my scalp is looking healthy again, I decided not to use the huge amount of biotin I was taking these past months. I started noticing some extra side effect, if that's even possible? I notice that biotin was working a little too well, and I wonder if anyone else notices extra growth on their body, while taking biotin.

I was taking a huge amount of GMC Biotin (2500mcg), plus the One A Day Women's (500mcg), so that may be the case of what I was experiencing. I don't know if this is considering a side effect, since technically, biotin is suppose to promote hair growth etc., but I noticed that my hair was growing faster everywhere (arms, legs, etc.). I also notice white/silver hairs growing out of my cheeks, as well as dark hair growing out of my chin (horror). It was typically one or two strand at a time, but to me it was super strange!!! That is why I decided to phase out GMC Biotin capsules a month ago, and now I have stop taking it completely. I will still monitor my hair and hopefully my issue with hair thinning will not resume.

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  1. Hey Kreyola I also take Biotin actually 3,200mcg every day along with my Omega 3 and multivitamins. I haven't experinced extra hair growing on legs arms, etc but I did notice longer lashes which I'm not gonna complain about! My nails are also stronger too.

    After you stopped taking the Biotin did your side effects stop too?

  2. @Naturally Yes the extra hair growth did indeed stop. My nails grew faster as well, but I always had long natural nails, so it wasn’t an extra benefit for me. When I phased out biotin, my acne flared up. I fought and control my acne prior to being on Biotin, but as soon as I got off, I had to do some extra stuff to control my acne again.

    If my hair start to show sign of thinning again, I will start taking the huge amount Biotin again, it just now I don’t want to be anal about my body hairs when I’m already anal about my sisterlocks lol.


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