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I don't understand why sisterlocks.com doesn’t advertise the brotherlocks version of the sisterlocks as much. Most of the people that are researching sisterlocks are indeed woman but I feel the information out there for the men are very little. Hopefully this post will help out the brothers that are looking for nice neat locks, but don't want to go for the micro size of Sisterlocks.

What are Brotherlocks?

Think of Brotherlocks as the male version of sisterlocks. For some reason a lot of people think brotherlocks is just the male name version of sisterlocks. Brotherlocks are NOT the male name version of sisterlocks. Brotherlocks are in fact the largest version you can get out of sisterlocks. Just like sisterlocks has a range (from micro to large) so does brotherlocks (small to large). Now if you are a female, and you what your locks to be bigger than the Sisterlocks range, then you will have to be upgraded to the Brotherlocks version. Now I for one, have seen sister with the brotherlocks version of sisterlocks, but they called them sisterlocks, which is fine, since it be kind of weird to try to explain that they are indeed brotherlocks.

What are the maintenance for Brotherlocks?

The maintenance for brotherlocks are the same as sisterlocks. You are required to retighten your locks every 4 weeks in the beginning until your hair is completely locked. You will be given the Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo, and then once you are locked, you can proceed to use your own shampoo.

What is the cost?

I can't help you with the cost of brotherlocks. Just know you will be paying a whole lot less then the sisterlocks version, because your locks will be a whole lot bigger, which means less cost for your installation as well as the retighten session.

Who offer Brotherlocks?

Anyone that has been trained and certified by sisterlocks.com can install brotherlocks. Please do your own research before getting brotherlocks! I did a post in the past about doing research and I believe that post applies to brotherlocks as well. The post was about helpful tips and information about what you need to know before getting sisterlocks. I also found one blog that is current about brotherlocks I hope this post helps you in your journeys.

Picture source is copyright by sisterlocks.com

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  1. I love this post!!!! I was surprise to see my blog pop up after clicking the link. Thanks for the support. Your locs are more and more beautiful every time I see them

  2. @Cadarious Awww thanks for the comment. You the only guy I know who is current with his blog, and I LOVE that. Keep up the good work :).

  3. Thanks, I'm getting ready to post my first so-called client (girlfriend, haha) hair progress that I started for her. Tell me what ya think, it should be up soon

  4. I'd love to see an update on his locks!

    1. Me too...this was actually taken from the sisterlocks.com site.


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