Review: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color 121 Jet Black

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I'm not doing a permanent hair color until my 3 year sisterlocks anniversary. With that in mind, my dye job is fading (especially at the tips), and I really want that rich and vibrant jet black color back. I'm now addicted to jet black hair coloring. So I have search around, looking into different type of color deposit hair coloring. I had to choose between Henna and semi-permanent hair coloring. I end up going with the semi-permanent color hair, since Henna doesn't play nice with permanent coloring (if you decide to do that later).

Below is why I choose a semi-permanent color with NO Peroxide.

Semi-Permanent without Peroxide & Ammonia just deposit the hair color vs lifting the hair cuticle to deposits both on the outer layer as well is the internal later of the hair shaft. The process is gentle as it adds shine and serve as a barrier against harsh water minerals and heat. I chose this to darken my exiting hair color so it looks more vibrant. Sad to say this color will only last between 6 to 12 shampoos washes, depending on what I used to shampoo my hair. Since I do clarify my sisterlocks once a month, I figure this color would last about 6 washes. So in other words, this will last me three months before I need to apply it again.

Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color 121 Jet Black

For a vibrant shining color that gives hair a beautiful, sensual feel and color that really lasts!

- Left my sisterlocks conditioned & soft.
- Give me a rich natural black color.
- Smell Good.

-Not as rich or deep as the permanent hair coloring (semi are not meant to be though).
-Didn't get the jet black coloring I wanted. Got more of a natural black.
-It bleeds after EVERY wash. I'm concern about this because in the summer, I swim a lot, and pool and hair rinse to me is not cool already.

UPDATE 6/4/2012 - It only bleeds after you shampoo your hair. Must be a certain ingredient in the shampoo?

This was really easy to apply, and I really like the fact that my sisterlocks stay moisturized vs. being dry. I highly recommend this brand if you want to apply a semi-permanent hair coloring. I order 4 bottles (used only 1) on Amazon (no tax plus the shipping was $5) vs. getting it at a local beauty store.

The main thing I like about this is that it doesn't have alcohol, which can dry the locks, it doesn't have peroxide, which is the bleaching agent use on permanent hair dye, and finally no ammonia which is used to lift the hair cuticles so the color molecules can go into the structure of your hair shaft. So I really felt comfortable enough to apply this on my sisterlocks without seeking a professional. The "how to"  on applying this can be found here. The result of this can be found here.

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  1. It bleeds a lot after shampooing because most shampoos contain sulfate. Sulfate is makes the shampoo lather and it also ”strips” color from hair quicker. That is why colored hair should be washed with sulfate free shampoos. Not to say no color would come out with sulfate free shampoos but it would be a lot less than normal shampoos.

  2. Thanks for sharing that! I have one shampoo that is sulfate free which I use once a month (I wash my hair twice a month) but it doesn't clean/clarify as much as the other shampoo I use right before my retighten. I’m going to look for other alternative as well.

  3. You also should be using shampoos within a certain pH range to get the most out this type of hair color. Higher pH shampoos and hair products will strip the color faster and also cause more damage to your hair's cuticle.

  4. I think about coloring my locks a lot because right now they look ashy as they are trying to develop. I am only at month 5 so coloring is really not encouraged. I've been using teas hoping a stain will pick up, no luck yet! I considered this brand of semi perm because I remembered it from my relaxed days. I knew it wasn't harsh but was concerned about the bleeding when they hair is dry, not while washing it. I recall color coming off on my hands when I would have oils on my hair, as I do touch my hair alot. Do you recall that happening to you with this and your locks?

    1. Once it is complete dry, it doesn't bleed when you apply oils or spray water. It does start to bleed when you use harsh shampoos though, and I tend to use clarify shampoos for my locks.


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