Style Edition: Twisted Bun for the GYM

12:10 PM

Now that I'm working out, it starting to get a little bit frustrating not being able to hold on to braid out that I do after a wash. Usually I do my braid out on a Saturday, and by Sunday, I take them down, and go GYM early that morning. By the time I get to work on Monday, the braid out is very loose or non exists because of how much I sweat.

So this time around, instead of doing individual braids, I decided to do twists, and proceeded to create a bun for the back. My sisterlocks are now long enough, where I can do this without any issue. Below is the result. It not that that neat, since I had a class to go to, but I think it will look great if I take my time and do it.

I believe this style can be done for an outing too. I did this in 10 min, but if I do decided to wear this out to an event etc., I will take my time to make this look neater. Note: I added the flower after I came back from the GYM, since I like it so much, I just continued to wear it.

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  1. That's gorgeous Kreyola! I just love it and have to try it :) Did you do the bun with a bun sock?

    1. I did use a donuts/bun sponge to create this look. I just tuck each twist underneath the sponge.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I appreciate the compliment ladies ^_^

  3. cute. I tried my version of the style.

    1. Just saw your post ^_^. Thanks for sharing it :D


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