Residue VS. Build Up on Sisterlocks

7:40 PM

Last week I flat ironed my sisterlocks, and I had used a heat protecting spray on my locks. Usually got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect doesn't leave much of residue when washed out, but something happen differently this time. Today I went swimming with my daughter and when I came out, I had residue and a thick film (barely seen) on my sisterlocks.

I'm not really concern about this residue, because if I have to, I will do my BSW & ACV rinse to get this residue out. I'm more concern if this doesn’t wash out after my usual clarify wash. As I'm looking at the pictures right now, I can't honestly recommend got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect as a heat protector for locks.

If this residue DOES wash out, I may have stumble upon something interesting about this protector. So far my sisterlocks are soft right now, and not as rough as it usually is after a swim in chlorinated water, I may have found an accidental protector for my hair while I swim? I will give you an update about this issue on a future post.

As I look at these pictures, I'm not willing to give got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect a good review due to this residue alone. I will go back to my review after I thoroughly evaluate my hair after my clarifying wash.

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  1. I've had a residue like that on my Sisterlocks and it did not come out with a Baking Soda & ACV Rinse...that actually made it worst. I used Clarifying Shampoos to get it out. Hopefully you have better luck!

  2. I was able to use my clarifying shampoo to clear off the residue. I didn't need to do BS & ACV at all. I'm glad I was able to avoid making this issue even worst. Thanks for sharing your finding, because I'm sure there be others having these types of issues.

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing guys!!! i'm going to try the clarifying shampoo, cause even though my hair feels clean after the BS &ACV, the residue is still there.

  4. Glad this post helped. I would love to know if you were able to get rid of the residue after the clarify wash and which shampoo you used.

  5. hmmm, that's a cute combo-never would have thought!


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