Cozumel México: Another Cruise with Sandy Beach & Clear Blue Waters

7:12 PM

I honestly thought this trip wasn't going to happen with Tropical Storm Isaac looming around the tropics. Luckily Isaac decided to move a little faster, which made the impact to South Florida rendered down to just down trees and power in a couple of areas.

Even though I was going to Cozumel Mexico, I decided to curl my hair this time around with pipe cleaners in order to have those really tight curls that will continue to loosen during my cruise. Even though I had hope that my curls would last for a couple of days, by the second day of the cruise, the curls dropped (*sad face*).

Below are some my favorite pictures of Cozumel Mexico. I will visit again and this time I will check out the ruin.

Tampa Port
Even though the picture came out beautiful, the water there was so dark & muddy. It was not as pretty as the water in Cozumel.

Nautical Theme Event
Each night our church group had a theme event. This was me in my nautical outfit. I learn about the themes at the last minute and I just threw stuff together.

Port Of Cozumel
The water was so blue and clear. It was breathtaking.

Playa Mia Grand Beach Park 
The beach was so pretty. I swear I did not want to leave lol. 

 Port Of Cozumel
The ship I was on was Carnival Paradise, it was not as fun as Carnival Imagination.

 Port Of Cozumel
The water was so clear at the port that you could literally see fish swimming a few steps away.  It was amazing beautiful!

 Port Of Cozumel
I shot this picture as we were sailing away from the port. Six hours was just not enough time to spend there.

One of God greatest gift right there.

Vintage 1920 Night Theme Event
I wish I had know about this event and gotten some really vintage clothes. Oh well.

Note: You can click on any of the images to enlarge. All image are copyright by me. Please ask for permission if you want to use any of my pictures.

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  1. Looks like a fantastic trip. The water and sky is so blue, such a difference from living in the congested city.

    You mentioned your curls dropped, do you think that was that was due to the weight of the curls, or was it the moisture in the air?

  2. The curls dropping were a mixture of the weight and humidity. I also ran out of the wrapping lotion that I usually use and that lotion tends to give it some extra hold.


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