Review/Result: Jerome Russell B Wild!!!! Panther Purple on Sisterlocks

10:04 AM

What can I say about this product, I was extremely disappointed with this color, and how it turned out on my sisterlocks! Sigh...I guess I won't ever get my purple highlights, since the one I do like, takes forever to do. Below is the review & result. For some reason I forgot to do a review of the Spray-in Natural Color Highlights (Auburn) by the same company, will be fixing that soon.

Jerome Russell B Wild!!!! Panther Purple
Temporarily add wild color or highlights to your hair. No need for use of tints, bleaches or peroxide. Glows under black light.

- Came out after an intense wash*
- Smell Pretty Good
- Not Messy

- Color was not as bright as the Spray-in Natural Color Highlights
- Wasn't as easy to wash out compare to the Spray-in Natural Color Highlights (Auburn).
- Looks more faker compare to the Auburn (click here for example)
- Took more then one spray/application to show

Below is close up of the Panther Purple color. How can I be satisfied with this, when the highlight with the weave looked so much better in comparison. I didn't even take my time with the weave version.

Far Away Look 
Below is a far away look. See what I mean about it looking fake. What a waste :(

Intense Wash
After an intense wash, the color finally washes out. The only thing that came out of this was my decision to do "the color run marathon" after being able to wash this color out.

Conclusion: Applying this was easy enough, and it wasn't messy if done right (see "how to" here). My only issue with this was the color, it wasn't as bright of a purple compare to the faux highlight with weaves I did a couple months ago. It was more of a light purple on my jet black hair. I also had to spray it multiple times to get the color that I got compare to the Spray-in Natural Color Highlights (auburn) from the same company.

I normally apply highlights when I'm schedule to wash my hair a particular week, and I was so excited to try this, since the Petal Fro attempt was a complete let down for me (didn't have enough length in the middle). This week was a total bummer as far as wanting to spice up my locks for a party is concern.

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  1. What do you mean you didn't have enough length in the middle for pedal fro? How long does your hair need to be to do this? I thought this style could be done with short hair.

    1. The middle of my scalp has lock that is about one year old, as far as length is concern. When I attempt to do the petal fro, the middle was just too short to look decent, even with one loop. Majority of my locks can handle the petal fro, but the front section just look tacky with it and have gaps. I wanted to do a post about my frustration with the middle of my head, as far as styling is concern, but I don't want to be a downer.

      Note: I suffer through major hair thinning due to Telogen effluvium. I document them on my blog if you are curious.

  2. I have actually read quite a bit of your blog. I went to a dermotologist about the balding at my temples and the thinning in the top of my head. She took a biopsy and I am waiting on the results. Not sure if I will be able to grow hair back there or not yet. I understand your frustration. Don't know what the outcome for me will be but I know I have been struggling with my hair for years. I have only been locked since October of last year.

    1. Yeah I had a biopsy done as well. If they find anything, they will mostly suggest injection. I really do hope your hair grow back or has the possibility of growing back. Good luck!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Hopefully you will be able to do the pedal fro soon. I would love to see it. Mine is very short so no fro for me right now.


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