Review: Soft Pastel on Sisterlocks for Highlights

10:34 AM

Normal Lightening Condition
The result of this was very beautiful and natural looking. I going to update the "How To" post with updated pictures using the soft pastel colors in the near future (when I apply this again). Below is my review on Soft Pastel Chalk on Sisterlocks.

Artist's Loft™ 24pc Soft Pastels Assorted Colors
You can achieve beautiful effects with these 24 quality chalk pastels. Each chalk measure 3/8" square and is 2-1/2" long. They are easy to hold yet they are soft enough so that a brush, sponge tool, cotton ball, soft cloth or finger can be used to apply them. Included in this selection are white, black, brown, turquoise, violet, magenta, red, orange, peach , dark blue, blue-green, red-violet, ochre, yellow, yellow-green, earth,grey, red-orange, green, light blue, blue, burnt sienna, dark green and yellow orange.

- Easy To Apply
- Lot of Color Option
- Wash Out Easily
- Very Natural Looking
- Very Bright Under Flash (Photography?)
- Doesn't Bleed!!!

- Hair Gets Super Frizzy
- Application & Set Up
- Expensive
- Darker Colors Are Dull Under Low Light (Dark Locks)

I finally got my purple highlights, and it came out really good under the flash (it honestly look like it glows under flash), but it is very dull under regular light. This is not as bright as the Jerome Spray (both the purple and the auburn), but it definitely more natural looking then both sprays.

I honestly like it, and I think the lighter color will do better than the darker colors on my sisterlocks. I highly recommend this as an option to spice up your locks with color. You can check out the updated post about pastel on chalk here (that was done under the flash light). I think I may need to get some holding spray to see if the color would last even longer.

The below pictures were taken with my phone, which show how the actually purple color look under regular light. Trust when I say the darker colors would do well with bleach hair, but with darker color hair, it looks very dull and not very noticeable. When I apply this again in the future, I will do another post, and this time with the lighter colors. Please avoid my mistake, and do not apply this with regular chalk on your sisterlocks. You need premium, high pigmented soft pastel chalk.

I felt it best to take the pictures with my phone, since it will show the colors a little truer to form vs. using my camera. Even with these pictures, they are much brighter than what you actually see. Even my daughter was asking "Where the highlights?” My little girl is a trip (*chucking*). She did notice it more on the pictures, which she thought was "Cool".

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  1. Kreyola purple suits you! It is cool. I saw another dyed look yesterday I want to try but after twice bleaching this year I better not. Maybe I will chalk in the future since you've done such a good job with reviewing it :)

    1. Thanks for your respond and compliment. I hope you see this, but what do you use to bleach your locks? I'm sure most of the colors would look good with your bleach hair :D.

    2. I use Clairol Powder and Cream Devoloper 30 for about $7 at your local beauty supply.

      I'm trying to be more of a responder because that is what blogging is all about, a dialogue of opinions and info. Keep the posts coming.

    3. This is good to know. Thanks for the respond!!!


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