Snapping Locks vs Thinning Locks - What to expect!

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Thinning locks is not normal, and it really doesn't matter if you have sisterlocks or dreadlocks. Below I will explain in detail what is normal, and what is not normal when losing locks, since I have both healthy locks and unhealthy locks due to health issue.

Snapping or Breaking Locks = Normal

When locks snap off, it could be due to many reasons. One main reason is stress on the locks itself. Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks are not immune to breakages, so don't think just because your hair is locked, it won't ever break. If you put extreme pressure on your locks, you will cause damage, which will cause breakages. I know we like to be creative when we do the cornrow style, color jobs, etc., but remember after a while, you too will cause damage to your locks, especially if you do them constantly (especially for sisterlocks). There are no guarantees with locks, unless you are extremely careful, and don't do any type of styling what so ever. You will always have at least one lock or two snap at some point, and that is just how life is when you are locked.

Note: I had one of my lock snapped off at the end, while being caught on my purse strap. So I was really upset about it, but that episode brought to my attention that my sisterlocks are indeed getting longer, and I need to pay more attention now.

Thinning Hair & Thinning Locks = Not Normal

If you hair is breaking or thinning at the scalp, that it NOT normal. I don't care if it's at the temple, the back, or the middle. You hair should not be thinning out at the scalp. Of course, if your hair is thinning at the scalp, it will cause your lock to start thinning out, which will cause it to become unstable and hence the breakage. The cause of the thinning can vary from person to person, but the most common reason are age related, alopecia, and postpartum. Those three reason are usually the main reason why lock wearer start to notice their lock are starting to thin, which lead to breakage.

So thinning vs. snapping (breaking) are completely two different things. Snapping or breaking locks can be a normal occurrence, if you are rough with your locks. Thinning on the other hand, is not normal and usually happens at the root or scalp, while the snapping or breaking can happen at any point on the lock itself (example at the end or middle of the lock).

If your hair is thinning at the scalp, I suggest getting some help. I for one struggle with thinning hair, and I'm glad I was able to get some help and the knowledge to combat my issue, and you will be happy to get some solution to yours. Once you find out what causing your hair thinning, do some research to see what you can do the ease the problem. If you happen to just have a baby, know that thinning may just be a temporary thing, and eventually it will stop, and your hair will grow back. Below are an example of thinning hair at the scalp/root.

Thinning Locks = Not Normal
Below is an example of hair thinning which is not normal. The first picture is how the lock started off which was thicker, and healthier.

Hair was thicker here, and very healthy when I got my sisterlocks install.

Hair started to thin, which cause the lock to start to thin. Now the thinning of my hair only happens in one area which is the middle of my scalp going forward. You can read detail of my struggles in these posts.

Now the hair got very thin here and my consultant had to merge with another lock to thicken the roots, but here is a a perfect example of what is not healthy or normal. Lock started of nice and thick, and end up being very thin due to Alopecia.

Healthy with No Thinning = Normal
The lock in this area has not thin or snap off, but I imagine when it does, it mostly likely due to neglect from my end.

Above is a healthy looking locks from the root to the end. These locks are nice, thick, and just healthy from the bottom up. Hope this post help you understand what is normal, and what is not normal with locks breaking, snapping, or thinning.

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  1. Very informative post! I try to limit styling and I never put tension on my you think loc jewelry can put tension on locs or cause thinning or breakage?

    1. I put loc jewelries all the time on my locks, and they never caused any tension. The loc jewelry that I put though is VERY light compare to others I have seen that have shells beads etc. So it may depend on how thick your loc is, and how heavy the loc jewelry is. The key is your locks need to be able to support the loc jewelry weight.

  2. Kreyola, i really enjoyed this information...i just tried to hair for the first 1 year loc anniversary is TODAY... i was so afraid of putting to much tension on my locs because they are so small/thin around the perimeter of my locktician had suggesting combining some of them. Will this help speed up the locking process? After a year i am still in the baby stage.

    1. Combining your locks will not speed up the locking process. Hair type plays more of a role in how fast your locks will mature. If you have super soft hair, then you have to stick with the sisterlocks shampoo or you can use a shampoo that strip out the moisture from your locks. I also heard salt water help speed up the locking process (but I never tried it).

      Now if you don't like how small/thin your locks look, then combine them, but keep in mind that many of the sisterlockers that have combined always regret that decision later on and decide to split the locks they combined. I would honestly wait until your locks mature before combining anything since your locks will change as they mature (something they get much thicker).

  3. Thank you so much for your post. I am having some issues with thinning locks, but I feel 100% that this has been caused by the coloring of my locks recently (and I only color them once a year!), which I will not do ever again. I am so scared right now but I will keep the faith and keep moving forward. I still love my locks more than ever! Just staying under my consultant and started on some Hair, Nail and Skin Vitamins.

    1. If you can trace back what you did, and what cause your hair loss, you are further along then a lot of people who have no idea what is causing it. Just have patience while everything is trying to right itself with you and your hair. Thanks for commenting on this post and good luck.

  4. That is really helpful! Now we have a more comprehensive guide to check if our hair is still healthy or not. It is certainly better than waiting for them to fall off! Speaking of which, do you have any advice on how we can prevent the snapping or thinning from happening? Thank you!

    Evelyn Barrett @ Good Look Ink

  5. Hi, my sisterlocks are only 10 months old. I feel as if my hair has shrunk. Is this normal at my stage? I expected more growth by now.

  6. I am considering sisterlocks and have been for years. I want to make sure I get as much information as possible. I was told by my hairdresser that most people she knows with thin locks have breakage because of lack so mosturizinf. How often should you moisturize? I want them done without having to worry about thinning or breakage.

  7. I have been neglecting my locs unintentionally because of stress at school and work. I had moved to a new city and had to tighten them myself so I put them in Marly hair twists and left them alone. Is there anything I can do to fix the thinning at the root? It has been so difficult for me to keep up with tightening them... should I just shave them off? I really hate how I've neglected my hair.

  8. I would really appreciate some advice. I got sister locs without doing too much research. I thought the style was low maintenance and it's so pretty!

  9. How can I prevent sisterlocks from breaking or thinning out


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