Style Edition: A Simple & Chic Updo with Headband

12:01 PM

I saw The Natural Me handband on a fellow sisterlocker and I instantly fell in love. I love laying my sisterlocks on one side, and this handband made it so easy, yet at the same time, it made me look cute and chic. I had a really hard time choosing a color, since the cost wasn't cheap, at a total of $16.98 (for the different color version). So I choose the ones that had the most vibrant colors and wring it. Below are the pictures of how I rock this headband the first time (went to the GYM).

It held up pretty nicely at the GYM but toward the end though, I had to tuck the sisterlocks from the left side in, since they were getting in my way. My sisterlocks are honestly too long for me to wear it this way (super straight), so when I wear this next time, I will do it with my spiral curls. I will never understand how people can get all made up at the GYM -_-. I release a quick review on this headband here, so check it out.

 If you looking for a cheaper version of this headband, you welcome to check Amazon and search for the yoga headbands.

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  1. OMG. LOVE IT! You look amazing! I'm buying one now...!!! :)

    1. Thanks!!! It looks even cuter with curls :D.

  2. That is soooo cute! I love it. I don't think I would want to wear that when I work out. It's too cute!

    1. That day, I mostly do weights, so I don't sweat heavily compare when I do cardio (running etc.) but I understand how you feel :D. Thanks for the compliment as always :D.

  3. I agree with you this would be fierce with some curls!

    1. ^_^...curls are needed for longer sisterlocks.


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