How To: Make Loc Jewerly for Any Loc Size

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If you enjoy making stuff, then this is something that you can make for your locks that is quick and easy. The cost up front may be a lot for some or very little for others. Even though this post is focusing on loc jewelry for sisterlocks, this tutorial can be used for any size locks. You just have to pay attention the sizing of every material you used.

Material Needed
Crochet Needle(s)
Needle Nose Pliers ( Wire Cutters)
Copper Wire 20-22 Gauge

Step I - Select a crochet needle that is smaller than your lock. I pick the 3.25 mm size for my locks, since my locks are really small. Average sisterlocks would properly range from 4.0 mm and higher. You have to go smaller than your locks size because you don't want the jewelry to be sliding off (they should fit snuggle). Note: If you have micros please don't pick those and go for the thicker sisterlocks.

Step II - Choose your needle nose plier. Note: Some needle nose pliers have a cutter in them which kill two birds with one stone as far as simple loc jewelries are concern..

Step III - Cut a long piece of copper wire with your needle nose plier (the picture below is just an example; the wire needs to be a lot longer than that). Note: If you want this jewelry to last longer, use a chopper wire because they tend to not dull or lose their color. In the end, you can honestly use any color wire of your choice. To avoid the color from fading from the color/cheaper wires, you will have to take them off your lock(s) when washing or when applying any type of spray etc.

Step IV A - You going to now create a coil/loop so your locks jewelry don't get caught on your locks. Proceed to the tip of your wire and then you are going to bend/turn it like the picture below with your needle nose plier.

Don't be afraid to manipulate the wire in order close that loop. In time, you will get better and the marring of the wire will be a minimum at best.

Step IV B - You are then going to continue to bend the wire around the loop you created in Step III A, you need to keep as close and tight to the first loop as possible. Note the picture below, you will hold down the coil with the needle nose piler, and just use that to keep coiling around the first loop.

The coil can be as big as you want it to be. It all depends on the amount of wire you cut in Step III. You may not get this the first round, because you have to practice in order to prefect this technique. So don't you worry if you have to start over, I did in the beginning.

Step V - You going to then take your crochet of your choice, and use the flat surface of your needle to hold down the coiled part of your wire. Note: Make sure the HOOK END is pointed toward your hand, and not the other way around. You have to slide the jewelry off the crochet hook when you are done with the jewelry.

Above is when you going to start turning the wire around the crochet needle.

Step VI - Then you going to start turning your wire tightly around your crochet needle. Note: You guys can be as creative as you want here by either going  longer or shorter.

Step VII - Once you are closer to the end, you want to have enough to make another coil end like the picture below.

I like to slide my jewlery back in the crochet hook to add more loops or to tighten up the coils I created in Step IV. Once you get better, you will know the amounts you need to create the coils at both ends, and thus allowing you to avoid sliding the crochet hook back into your loc jewelry.

Step VIII - Now just proceed to pull your homemade loc jewelry from the crochet needle. Now your loc jewelry is ready to be applied to your locks. Remember to modify the jewelry first, before sliding the jewelry off your hook.

Above is how you can make your own lock jewelry. If you want to learn how to insert the jewelry you just made, click here. Even though the above is a very simple as far as loc jewelries are concern, you can be as creative as you want, and add as many accessories as you want.You can view the loc jewelry I have made so far here (all were made using the same above technique above).

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  1. Replies
    1. I would love to see the final result post. Thanks for commenting ^_^.

  2. I just found your blog on Google and I love it! I'm making loc jewelry but couldn't figure out how to do the coils on the ends. Thank you so much!

  3. I just found your blog on Google and I love it! I'm making loc jewelry but couldn't figure out how to do the coils on the ends. Thank you so much!

  4. This is very helpful and informative!


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