Make-Up: Revlon Black Cherry, Choco-Liscious & Wild Orchid

8:32 AM

I have purchased about 4-5 lipsticks after I got sisterlocks, and out of the bunch, I only have 2 that I really love. Choco-Liscious & Black Cherry are by far my favorite shades. The pink shade from Revlon is okay when I mix it with the Black Cherry to tone it down. Below is how they look on me under direct light (no flash).

My Bare Lips - For the most part, this is how you will find my lips on any given day. I may add lip gloss when I go out, but for the most part, below is my every day wear.

Choco-Liscious - I'm in LOVE!!! I love this shade on me, and this was a recent find because I was looking for something I can wear every day. This is a very pretty shade of lipstick that looks so natural on me. It is much darker then what it appears here. An example of this shade can been seen on the about me section (for now).

Wild Orchid - This is the pink color that I'm not too fond of. I think this color just makes me look older, and the color is just too bright. An example of me wearing this shade can be found here.

Black Cherry - I have been raving about this lipstick for a while. I just LOVE this shade on me. It on the darker side of red and you can find example of me wearing this shade all over. Sometime I mix it with Wild Orchid to tone it down. You can see how it looks on me here, and the tone down version of Wild Orchid can be found here.

These lipsticks go on nice, smooth, and doesn't take much to get a full coverage. I'm someone who likes to lick and bite my lips, so this color does not last long on me. A friend of mines recommends getting lip stains for longer lasting color, and I'm looking into that right now. I think I need about one more shade (a nude color) and I will mostly likely go with Charlotte suggestion (there a MAC store near me and I will be asking questions ^_-). 

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