Make-Up: My MAC Makeover Session

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So I went to the MAC store at Macy's to look for a shade of lipstick, and walk out with a complete makeover. I also learned so much from that make-up session, that I wish I did this before spending ton of money on make-ups that I end up hating and not using. While there, I learn how to control my oily face for a longer lasting foundation. Below is the result & pictures of my make-up session.

The Complete Look -  She also showed me what will work for any an everyday look. Note: I read there is a minimum of $50 to get a makeover session,so I went there with a budget of $50 dollars. I also informed my make-up artist that I wanted a NATURAL look, nothing too dramatic, just natural and plain.

Eye Shadow - This is something I would wear when I go out (this is not my everyday look). She wanted to show an example of something that is natural looking for going out.

Outside Natural Light - This picture is not that great, but you get an idea on how it looks under natural light. So this make-up look nice under direct flash and under natural light. A win-win situation if you ask me.

So as my followers, you guys can see how I will start to improve with not only my sisterlocks, but also my make-up and fashion sense as well. Hope I'm not boring you guys lol. Check out this post for my first attempt at wearing make-up. The oily face was such a disaster lol.

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  1. I love MAC and I have oily skin I like to use blotting paper to help throughout the look great I've never done a makeover session and I've spent 50 dollars at MAC plenty of times lol next time I know!

    1. The whole session was wonderful. She even gave me a face chart to remember all the things she did.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You!!!! I'm improving more and more ^_^


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