Las Vegas, Nevada: Sin City, Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire

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I had an amazing time in Las Vegas even though it was super COLD. As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas...STAYS IN VEGAS ^_^. Below are the tame pictures from my trip lol. I'm just kidding guys, I honestly didn't do anything wild or super crazy on my trip lol.

Attraction in Las Vegas
As soon as I landed in the Las Vegas airport, I was instantly aware of where I was at. The bright advertising sign alone had me pumped and ready to party the night away. There were also slot machines and roulette tables everywhere, even at the baggies claim area!  If you into gambling, you are very much covered here in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas strip is about 4.2-mile long, and boost about 15 of the world's largest hotel with bright and vibrant neon lights. I love how some of the hotel depicts some of the famous city from around the world. You had Venetian from Venice, Eiffel Tower from Paris, and so much more. I didn't have time to check out all of the hotels on the strip, but I did happen to check out the Caesars Palace and was amazed how big it was and how beautiful the architect was. A must see if you ever happen to be in Las Vegas.

Why Sin City?
Now I know you wondering about the tropic of sex, and how it plays in Las Vegas. Well here it is, when you are walking the strips, you see a lot of cards being pass out to the males and on an occasion to the females, which looks like playing cards. This cards offer "escort"services since prostitution is NOT legal in Las Vegas, which on itself was shocking with the type of cards and advertising going on the strip. Prostitution is only legal in certain area in Nevada. For anyone that is curious, male prostitution is possible, but not very common in Nevada.

Las Vegas Downtown
I also had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas Downtown, which not only turn out to be great, but in my opinion, a better experience then the Las Vegas Strip. I was very impress with the Fremont Street Experience. The Fremont is a canopy that offers both coverage and light timed musical show. The canopy towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields. While in downtown Las Vegas, you will also find the Golden Nugget Hotel which houses the famous Shark Tank, as well as the location of one of the Heart Attack Grill.

Red Rock Canyon - Brief Information on Formation
The history of Red Rock Canyon date back some 600 million years, and most of its histories were spent below a warm shallow sea. A massive fault action and volcanic eruption caused this seabed to rise. As time pass, the region than became a desert featuring vast expanses of huge shifting sand dunes as well as windblown sand.  As time progress, the iron oxide and calcium infiltrated the sand which solidify the rocks some more. The sandstone you see today forms natural arches and bridges that range in colors such as gray-white limestone, to stunning earth-toned sienna hues, ranging from pink, crimson and even burgundy.

When I visit the Red Rock Canyon, I decided to do Calico Hills Trails and most of the pictures above & below are from that trail. I thought the Calico Hills Trails was the best option for my group of friends, since they have never been to a hiking trip, and the trails were gear toward being moderate and easy to navigate.  If you have a more active group, Calico Tanks was another option I was considering.

Valley of Fire - Brief Information on Formation
Valley of fire became a National Landmark in 1962, making it the oldest state part in Nevada. The region date back to about 500 million years ago, and was formed by great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs about 150 million years ago. The name of Valley of Fire came from the red sandstone formations which appear to be on fire when the sun rays reflect on them. The people that occupy that area included the Ancient Pueblo Peoples who were mostly farmers, but due to the limit amount of water in that area, and the food being reduce due to the migration of the animals, these ancient people eventually died out.

The Valley of Fire & the Red Rock Canyon was by far my favorite part of this trip. I didn't see Petroglyph in the Red Rock Canyon, but The Valley of Fire had so many of them!!!! So I was both overjoyed and wow by these marking.  The below pictures came from the simple scenic drive to White Domes & Rainbow Vista area, and the Mouse’s Tank trail. I also visited the little museum located in the Visitor Center which had ton of information about the Valley of Fire.

If you decide to visit Las Vegas, do some research on some food location beforehand! I was not that impressed with the food choice there. The Buffet were very expensive on the Strip, and for some reasons, they had Denny's everywhere (I was not impressed with the food I had with them). I did enjoy the burger I got from In-N-Out Burger, and the breakfast from Egg & I. I also had a great time at Benihana, which so happen I did planned for, since I have never been to a hibachi style restaurant before.

I really enjoyed myself and had a great time visiting this city. When I originally planned this trip, I debated on renting a car, since most of our time were going to be spent on the strip, but in the end, I'm really glad I did rent a car, because visiting Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire turn out to be the highlight of my trip. If you ever decide to go to Las Vegas, make sure to visit Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire. Both places are GOURGOUS and the weather was soooo nice (in December).

If you want to see full picture of what I wore down there check out the following links - Outfit 1 | Outfit 2 | Outfit 3. Most of those pictures were blurry or was taken with my iPhone, but at least you get an overall look at the outfits I wore there.

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  1. Wow Fremont Street Experience is my Most Fav place in Las Vegas! Golden Nugget is where I like to stay. (4 star with good rates) Just don't venture much further past Freemont, if you are downtown, gets rough quick, locals keep away! I forget but think it's the Fremont Casino that has a Super buffet and very reasonably priced! (cheaper than Denny's) Always eat there and they have .99 Margaritas out front, if ya like! Ijs

    All the scenery Breathtaking! It's a Great place to visit and wish more would! I don't gamble, but when you get on the elevators people are asking how much did you lose!

    The strip is fun day or night, but all those buses, flatbed trucks with advertising, limos and Nobody knows where they are going unless they spend 3-4 days there! Those cheesy wedding chapels ... not Romantic! Seriously Fremont is more like Las Vegas is depicted in the older movies and been a lot movies filmed there! (con air crash/chase scene)

    Glad you went to In-N-Out Burger is the Biz! So is Pinks (think they still have one) it (Pinks) is famous in Los Angeles!

    Glad you had a Blast! Don't allow the move to get you down!

    Catch up on some Well Deserved Rest and Have an Awesome Day Sis! =D

    1. If I ever pass by Las Vegas again, I will try out the Buffet you suggested. The Golden Nugget was really nice and I would love to stay there one day in the summer. I would also love to swim with the sharks ^_^ (well as close to the shark as you can get lol).

      I so agree about the strips. You don't need to spend no more than 2 day there (my opinion) and just enjoy the other things that Las Vegas has to offer. The scenic drivewas so great there and to this day I still think about it now. Best drive ever (especially coming from Florida where all you see is green trees).

      I didn't see the Pinks there, but I will visit Los Angeles one day and will check that place out. I'm still having crazing craving for an In-N-Out Burger.

      This week is my move week, and trusts me when I say I’m so over packing, but I'm not letting that stress me. I'm just going to go with the flow. Have a great week Cheri ^_^.


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