What I Wore: Daisy Crop Top with Distress Shorts

7:00 AM

I wore this on my second day of exploring Myknonos, and Delos Island. I was in total comfort!  My high waist distress shorts was paired with my daisy top, and I thought this outfit was just perfect. Since it was hot, I decided to wear my Sisterlocks up (will be doing a post about traveling with sisterlocks :D). Even though I wanted a Ray Ban mirrored aviators glasses, I decided to go with the cheaper alternative. Below is the complete outfit.

Outfit Consist of Daisy Top, Distress High Waist Shorts | Converse Sneakers | Blue Mirrored Aviator Glasses | Timex Weekender Watch (Recommend for Travel Fashionista) | Midi Rings

My makeup consist of what I consider my essentials, blush is M.A.C Blunt,  my lip color is M.A.C Ruby Woo prep with the EOS Lip Balm.

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  1. Welcome back!! I love Greece! I'm so glad you had a great trip! You pictures in this post and the last one are very pretty! This is a perfect outfit for heading around a beach town. I can't wait to see more pictures!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Thanks Nicole!! I have plenty to share, it just going through them, and writing about them --that takes time lol =).

  2. Very cute and comfortable look!! Love your mirror glasses.

    1. Thanks Diana...this outfit was perfect there. Nice and comfortable =).

  3. Greece looks fun! Loving the chucks. :-)


    1. It was super fun! Glad I'm back though. The chucks had me appreciating them even more while I was there!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Takei!!! Hope all is well with you :D

    2. Amen! In our Prayers and thoughts Cookie! :)

  5. Hey girl, nice outfit! My kind of style has the three C's Cute, Comfy and Cool! On you toss in Classic ...

    Kreyola, I know your outfits have been well planned out, and Always look good, but Dang you make them look Great! You could show up to a Wedding like that and Outshine the Bride! If I ever get married again ... you ain't invited! Just kidding! :)

    If you had Bus out some moves maybe someone would have given the sunnies! lol

    Have a Great Weekend Sis! =D

    1. Well I knew this time around I needed to get some sunglasses. The sun over there is bright as heck and no dancing would have gotten me a good enough pair lol. I hope you had a great weekend... friend.

      Now that I started this journey, I do plan my outfits more now. I also starting to know my taste now, but it do comes with a cost (*sigh*). Right now I have to slowly build my wardrobe and I'm perfectly fine with that.

      By the way...if you ever get married...you would outshine EVERYONE =). Your personality is just to bright.

    2. Like I've said most don't a wardrobe for days and even if they do they can't be as Beautiful as you or wear with your Style!

      LMBO Thanks Sheila, but Girl those glasses must not have so good ... think sun got to your head! Me Happy being me ... not trying to outshine you, Cookie, Edwina or anyone ... that's Impossible! :)

      Holler at you later Sis! Have a Fantabulous Day! =D

    3. You know Cheri...you are one person I would like to meet if I'm ever around your neck of the woods. Until next time ^_^.

  6. Honey you look stunning! Love the complete outfit, the shorts are gorgeous!
    Happy Weekend Kreyola

    1. Thanks Lenya :D. Perfect wear for the island ^_^.

  7. You rock those super shorts like no other. Welcome back

    1. Thanks Sophia...it is good to be back :D.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks ^_^. I can't help it but I really like this outfit as well.


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