Mykonos, Greece: Whitewashed Villages and Sandy Beaches

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My Greece trip will be released in a series of posts that will combined my love of traveling and my new adventure into fashion. Greece is one of my "many" dream destinations, and planning this took a while and a lot of guts. I was fortunate to have one of my friends join me on this trip, because I was planning on doing this trip solo.

My first stop on my Greece Island Hopping Adventure was Mykonos. I decided to go to Mykonos first and that turned out to be the best decision! By the time I arrived at Athens, I was burn out. So if you are curious about my experience in Athens please come back, because I have a lot of stuff to share about that place that is not commonly shared on the travel blogs etc. In the end, my experience in Mykonos turn out to be really good, and I came to later appreciated it even more because of its people, and how helpful they were compared to Santorini and Athens.

Maze-Like Streets
I honestly had a blast losing myself in the maze-like streets! I learned from one of the Greek residence that those streets & alleys were done on purpose in order to defend against invasion in the past. If an enemy decided to invade that particular island, they would be greeted by the inhabitants that are hiding in these street and alley ways. These inhabitants would then kill off the invaders one by one. The main reason they were able to get away with that is because the invaders would get lost and disoriented.

Till now the street and ally way of Mykonos has NO street signs, and many of the residence still go by memories and guts (some resident still get lost till this day, even though some are unwilling to admit it -_^).

Chora Windmills
Splatters along the island of Mykonos are the famous Windmill which was mostly built by the Venetians in the 16th century. These mils continued being used to mil wheat until the early 20th century, which I thought was pretty amazing that they lasted that long. They were an important source of income back then for the inhabitants at that time.

Mikri Venetia (Little Venice)
Little Venice is dotted with handsome Venetian-style houses and was once owned by fishing captain. The sunset viewing in Little Venice was just breath taking. Each sunset was amazing huge and beautiful as it went down, creating brilliant colors across the sky.

The Island of Delos
While on the island of Mykonos, we decided to take a boat to visit the ancient island of Delos (currently  ONLY 14 inhabitants are on that island). There we hiked and visited the ruins that was left off by these ancient civilization. Some people see rocks, but I truly think this was truly a worthwhile experience rich in history. Highlights included the Sanctuary of Apollo, the House of the Naxians, and the Avenue of the Lions. I also included some of the arts that was saved and added to the Museum that is located on the island.

Paradise Beach
This beach was a little shocking at first. I wasn't aware that it was a nudist beach until I saw a man in his naked glory, his manhood in full attention, while setting down in my hut area. My friend and I did an about-face as soon as we notice the nude females and males all around us. I have to be honest here and say I was little overwhelmed as I was bomb boarded with tits and penis in all frontiers (left, right, center... it was crazy I tell you lol). All I can do is stare into the ocean blue waters, and hope I didn't see another tits and penis through the duration of my stay.

That hope was dashed though, because as I browse through most of my pictures at that beach, I see nothing but tits, vajayjay, and penis in all my selfies and pictures...ugh lol. Despite this beach being a nudist beach, I have to say...this beach was by far my favorite one, and it was all due to the water, ambiance, and great music.

In conclusion, yes the Greek men are super-hot, but majority of them are smokers =(. If you are pretty and black, yes you can get yourself a Greeks man -_^. We got hit on by the Greek men a lot, and I got called many named varying from African, Nigerian, Chocolate, Blacko, etc. as they tried to draw our attention. I will continue to share my experience on the Greek men in later posts lol. The party’s scenes were great, and they do go on everyday till dusk. We got offered ton of free shots and drinks as we party the nights away. So if you are into the party scenes and the night life, you have to visit Mykonos.

Mykonos was done in three nights, and I have to stay, that was enough days to visit all the island had to offer. My next stop was Naxos (my all-time favorite island), but I will be releasing a post about Santorini next, since I’m sure you guys are curious about the famous blue domes that are so commonly shown as one of must see Greece destination. Until next time peeps, I'm still recovering from my trips, but in-between Mykonos & Santorini posts, I will be releasing a "What I Wore" post featuring the outfit I wore while I was in Mykonos.

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  1. What a beautiful place to be. Gorgeous pics honey. Thx for sharing. Drooling over your animal print bikini, totally in love! You look gorgeous.

    1. Thanks was love at first sight when I saw this bikini.

  2. Stunning shots, I love your bikini.

    1. Thanks Sarah :D. More are coming, I took a lot of pictures...ugh.

  3. This is beautiful!! On my list of places to visit for sure!

    1. Yeah...if you have any questions or need any advice, let me know. I have a form on the bottom =).

  4. Thanks for sharing Greece with us!!!

  5. Fabulous Pics! Thanks for the historical facts, I Love it! Kept up with your Instagram, but will be looking at these pictures for days! :)

    Glad you are back Safe n Sound! It took a lot of Courage just to travel that far away, and going those dark narrow streets and alleys just the two of you ... I'm Impressed! Proud of you as Always! ;)

    Were you able to see Navagio beach? Have seen photos and heard it's Beautiful.

    Know you are still pumped and beyond Tired! Get yourself some Serious Sleep and Rest if you can get all those naked images out your head! :) LMBO Knew there be a Bunch of broken hearts and dashed dreams left behind! LOL

    Thrilled another of your Dreams came true! Be looking forward to hearing everything about your Adventures in time!

    Thanks Sheila! Hope you have a Restful Day(s) my Sis! =D

    1. I would have LOVE to see the Navagio beach, but that beach is located in Zakynthos, and Greece has so many islands to choose from. The four ones that I went to were just what I could do in two weeks.

      Girl...I'm getting back the USA sleep pattern thank goodness. As for the naked peeps, I try not to zoom into my pictures much LOL =).


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