What I Wore: Water Colors

8:00 AM

I'M BACK!!!! Yesterday I got the confirmation that I will not be consulting for them any longer. Even though the additional income was indeed great, the troll on my body wasn't, and the weight gain was a totally bummer as well.

As the week progress, I'm be working on a couple of posts, but for today post I will be featuring this water color texture skirt I purchased got from H&M last month, and a really good quality squared tank top from Macy's (still available here). I decided to invest in better tanks top because I feel these type of skirts looks best when paired with a fitted top. I added the white sandals to help even out this colorful skirt a bit.

I was a bit fearful that I would lose my fashion touch, but in the end, it is like riding a bike, once you start, everything just flow into place. As always, thanks for the lovely comments, and if you have been checking up on me, kisses and hugs from me.

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My makeup consist of Favorite Primer | Powder Foundation & Concealer | HardCandy/Covergirl Eyeshadows | Lip color is Anastasia Vintage prep with the EOS Lip Balm | Blush is Sweet As Cocoa.

Nail color is Country Club Khaki by ORLY

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  1. That's a really lovely look. Greetings!

  2. Love the vibrant pleated skirt! All the outfits you post look so fabulous Kreyola xoxo

  3. And she's back, missed ya here. The skirt is stunning, I love that you kept the skirt the center of the outfit by going with a white tank top.
    Princess Audu

  4. Long time have not seen you! I was gone for six weeks, and just got back. Love this girly look on you, you inspire me with those light colors.

    From Jing at www.bejingxu.com

  5. Welcome back , i don't think you put on any weight at all ,because you still looking stunning in this outfit, i love the skirt especially.


  6. Welcome back lovely lady! Hopefully life will get a little more manageable for you now without the consulting gig! You most definitely have not lost your fashion touch! Love this beautiful skirt and the summery pairing with the classic white tank! Glad to see you again!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  7. You look so lovely in this skirt, it's absolutly adorable. Now I feel sorry I haven't stop by H&M in a long time :/

    Have a wonderful week (whatever's left of it).



  8. Kreyola that skirt is divine. you look so chic and girly and elegant. LOVE it.

  9. what a lovely skirt! you look divine!!!


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