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Sisterlocks are not maintenance free, but they are low maintenance as far as the “natural hair” movement is the concern.  Once you have reached my length though most of your concern will be about moisture control and lint reduction.

Though I have an in-depth post about what I do to maintain healthy looking Sisterlocks here, below is my daily routine as of today.

Morning Routines

I usually like to feel if my hair is dry during the early morning hours, and the best time for me is right after a hot shower because my fingers are often desensitized by then. If they are dry to touch, I use my current favorite oil and moisturize from the bottom up.

For styling, I finger comb my locks....that is it. 

If it weren’t for my daughter, I would not own not one single comb or brush and that is because I don't use them, nor do I care for them lol.

As of right now, hair clips & hair ties are my favorite things to use right now for both work and the GYM. The clips that you see me wear all the time in my "What I Wore" series help keep my locks away from my face.

Note: When I was in the newbie stage, I use to spritz my hair with water every day, and later when my locks were a little more mature I used my homemade spray. Now that my Sisterlocks are a little bit longer, I don't think it is feasible to do it every single day.

Night Routine

If I were a clothing item that was lint heavy, I inspect my locks that night and remove any lints that were stuck to them that day. I don’t ever wait to remove any of my lints because that is how they get embed so deep that it becomes a problem later.

Note: I also like to wear my hair pinned up when I wear things like sweaters etc. because I know my locks will have a lot of lints from them. I got a good reminder of that fact from my Atlanta Georgia trip last month when I wore my pink sweater. I wore my hair down one day there and I end up spending a good portion of my time removing pink lints from my locks. Never again!

Last but not least, I wear my satin bonnet every single night. I thought I would have left that particular item behind during my natural days, but alas I can’t. Somehow I feel strange without it on, and it also helps control lints from getting on my hair, as well as retain moisture on my locks.  So it really performing double duty, so I highly recommend using one for lock wearers.

I also find that my satin bonnet has become a way to smooth my irritation with my now longer locks. They are days I just don't want it on my back or face (which still amazing that I'm getting annoyed by them).

This pretty much concludes my post about my daily routine with the care of my Sisterlocks. If you have any question regarding my Sisterlocks, now is the time to ask. If I haven't done a post about it, your question will be my next topic.

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  1. I'm actually wondering how people manage to have locks. I think it's kind of high maintenance but after I read this it feels like it's just kind of natural with a little twist of style. I like the products you use. :)

    Have a nice day!


  2. Nice update! They're looking lovely.


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