Baking Soda Wash & ACV Rinse Result on Sisterlocks

8:00 AM

Hey guys! I did a Baking Soda Wash & Apple Cider Vinegar rinse yesterday and I wanted to share the result. The main reason you would want to do a Baking Soda Wash & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is to remove build up, and or reduce/eliminate dandruff. Click on the image on the right for example of buildup/dandruff.

Whether you are natural or rocking locs, you would benefit from doing a BS wash & ACV rinse.

Reason to do a Baking Soda Wash & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

- Product Buildup (Different Shampoos, Oils, etc)
- Dandruff
- Lifeless Locks (dull & heavy locs)
- Mildew Smell

Benefits/Improvement after a Baking Soda Wash & Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

- Lighter Hair/Locs
- Less flakiness from the scalp
- Reduction of an itchiness
- Deep Cleaning & Conditioning
Below are picture of the after result. Hair feels lighter and the itchiness has been reducing greatly. To find out how to do a BS wash & ACV rinse click here.

Still Bundling :(Finger Combing
Final ResultNice & Clean

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  1. Phew, am gona try this out this weekend. Thanx for sharing as always.

  2. You welcome! Let me know how it went.

  3. i have a lint buildup in my hair i wash & condition it regulary but i have the buildup if i use this method regulary would i see a reduction

  4. Lint buildup cannot be removed by this. You can try removing the lint if it embedded deep by picking it out, coloring over it with a black sharpie (only if your locks are black), or dying your locks. Another thing to keep in mind in order to avoid lint build up, is to watch what you are wearing. If you wear clothing that has a lot of lint, you will introduce that to your locks. I suggest avoiding lint heavy clothing as much as you can. Also try wearing something that protects the locks, for an example: a hair net, bonnet or even a loc sock around the house. This aid in preventing lint being attach to your locks.

    The solution above helps with products builds up. Meaning if you been experimenting with different shampoos or conditions etc., the above solution will remove any "liquid" residue those product may have left behind. I usually wash my hair with a clarify shampoo once a month and then every 4 month do a BSW & ACV wash to remove residue that my clarify wash didn't catch.

  5. In regards to the Sharpie advise. By using a Sharpie with all that alcohol in it won't it dry your loc out and possibly damage the loc resulting in them falling out from dry rotting from the inside out?

    1. I don't know how a sharpie will introduce rotting when you are only applying it on the outside of your locks vs. internally. Now the downside of using sharpie is the alcohol contains and the possible of drying out your locks even more.

      The sharpie method is a temporary, and only if you don't want the locks that are lint ridden to show up (for example wearing it up). The sharpie method is by no way a permanent solution.

      FYI...Rotting of the locks start from internally and that is something that is rare with sisterlocks since sisterlocks are so thin to begin with. Rotting occurs when hair is left wet for a LONG period of time.


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