Fresh Retighten & Cute Pony Tail

8:30 PM

I love when my sisterlocks has just been retighten, but I don't like how flat my locks look when it happens. I never notice the flatness of my sisterlocks when my sisterlocks were shorter (after a retighten),  and I wonder as my locks continue to become longer, will the flatness be more apparent? I'm usual happy around the 1 week mark, my hair & scalp at that point is not completely fresh, and it has a nice body to it. I refer to that week as the "perfect sisterlocks period". So today I decided to wear my sisterlocks in a pony tail, and it came out looking cute! So I decided to share my pictures with you guys.

I need to plan my style more, this was a very quick pony tail, with an added accessory to enhance the look.

Isn't that a pretty pony tail =).
When I pull my hair back, I swear I'm back in high school *girlish giggles*
Left & right picture is a close up of my hair accessory.

I schedule to have my hair colored in Jet Black at my next retighten. So the next post will be showing off my new color. I can't WAIT!!!

Note: You can click on any of the images to enlarge. All image are copyright by me. Please ask for permission if you want to use any of my pictures.

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  1. Kreyola,

    The jet black will be hot! I know exactly what you mean about the locks being flat after the retight. I usually like mine at 2 weeks old. My prior consultant used to tighten my hair in such a way where there is a lift off the scalp. She was the only consultant who retightened my hair and I liked it on day one... but she was soo slow! Your ponytail is really cute. I still can't make one solid pony tail, I have to do 2 small ones then combine them, my hair in the back is so much shorter than the rest. It's weird.

  2. @Natural High I though for sure you could do a pony tail. That is weird that you can't. The pony tail that I have above is not a 100% but it still manageable. Thanks again for your comments and I can't wait for my jet black color...Yay!!!


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