How to Make A Paper Clip Interlocking Tool

10:06 AM

Was bored at work, and I decided to do a tutorial on how to make an interlocking tool, for both small & large size locks. I have been using the small tool on my daughter doll to practice my interlocking skill.

I foresee me being a sisterlocks consultant in the future (more like retirement)

Material Needed
Paper Clip
Any Tape

For this “how to” tutorial, I made a small and a large interlocking tool. All this was done at work :). The pictures are provided by my iPhone, so the image may not be as crisp, but I think it fit this post theme very nicely.
Step 1) Make sure your hands are dry, and not slippery, since you be using your hand to create the interlocking tool.
Step 2) Open the paper clip so it can be as straight as you can humanly get it.
Step 3) Bend the paper clip evenly making sure the ends meet each other nicely.
Step 4) Twist the end of the paperclip. The small version was done by hand, the big one I use a scissor, hence why I list scissor as an optional material. You can use the scissor to help with the twisting.
Step 5) Use the tape of your choice to wrap the end of your twisted end (don't be cheap, since the tape end is what protect your fingers when you interlocking). Make sure you doing it nice and firm by rolling the tape and paper clip between your fingers.
Step 6) Once the tape is around the end, you can adjust your newly made interlocking tool by making the bend area more rounder etc.

Now you have a ready made interlocking tool that is perfect for an emergency touch up. This paperclip tool look similar to the nappyloc tool but because this is hand made, you will use it differently. For example, you will USE the bend paperclip area to go through your locks, not the end where the tape is.

There are a lot of video on how to do interlocking, but I have listed some nicely made ones below for rotation only! If you want to learn how to use the paperclip interlocking tool click here or click here
  1. DewDrop has a wonderful tutorial on how to do the 4 Point Rotation for tighter locks
  2. Nubian Locked Princess has a good tutorial on the 3 Point Rotation for fuller locks.
If you want the tool to be ready made, then you can try the nappyloc, loc-key, or the latch hook.

I wanted to caution you by stating that when you are interlocking your dreadlocks, depending on your hair growth, wait for 4-6 week to retighten/interlock your dreadlocks again. Also, I know some people like the appearance of palm roll/twisted locks vs. interlocking locks, which is fine, but DO NOT interlock and palm roll your dreads at the same time. Pick one or another! Doing so will cause your lock to weaken over time! As always, comments are always welcome.

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  1. LOL you were definitely bored! Interesting though but I would think the tape could be difficult to manuever through your lock

  2. @Naturally lol yeah I was bored. This paperclip tool is opposite of how you use it from the nappyloc & loc-key, and I'm glad you point it out, so I can adjust this post. You will use the bend paperclip area to go through your locks not the tape end.

  3. Thank you So much for posting this!!! I want to start retighting my own sisterlocks!!

  4. You welcome. Thanks for commenting!

  5. This is a great pic. tutorial on how to make a loc tool out of a paperclip. I used this kind of black masking tape on the end of mine because I wasn't sure if regular tape would hold or if the clip's end would poke through it. How is it working out for you? :-)

  6. @dewdrop This small one is still kicking surprisingly, but I did wrap a good amount of tape around it =). My daughter doll is almost completely locked and let me tell you it was not easy task with very straight hair lol. I think if someone is looking for a more permanently solution, using the black masking tape would work a whole lot better.

  7. Kreyola I haven't retwist in about a month, but I do wash my hair every two weeks. Can I use the interlocking method ? I usually palm roll getting a lot of unraveling palm rolling,and it looks messy.

    1. You can interlocks the roots with no issues. The end will look a little messy/fizzy since you are at the begin stage of your dreadlocks. Once you start interlocking, you should have neater roots and more time before you have to refresh that look.


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