How To: Instant Temporay Highlight on Sisterlocks

3:18 PM

This was fun to do and my daughter had a blast spraying my sisterlocks. This lasted untill I washed my hair. I'm still LOVING my jet black hair color (plan on redoing the jet black in a couple of months), but I wanted to try to something fun and different. So I decided to add temporary color via hightlights. I remember reading about this a while back, and I knew I was going to try it.

To make a long story short, I was at a beauty supply store and I decided to pick up a can of Jerome Russell's Temporary
Spray-in Natural Color Highlights
(Auburn) . So it was an instant success, and here is the "how to" on how to add instant highlights on your locks. I suggest moisturizing and letting your sisterlocks dry prior to applying this hair spray.

Material Needed
Cheap Shower Cap
1 Can of Hair Spray
Old Clothes
Kid(s) (optional =))

Step 1) Cut up random holes in your shower cap. That is why I suggest using a cheap shower cap. Try to avoid area that can be clearly seen for example, don't cut a hole in the very front. You want your none color hair to cover/overlay the temporay highlights as much as possible.
Step 2) Put your locks in the holes your just created. The end result would be locks that are sticking out of the shower cap.
Step 3) I would suggest going outside or in your bathtub for the spraying of your locks. I had my daughter go at it for a couple of minute, then I went ahead and did the touch up by spraying it evenly up and down.Let your your locks dry up first before removing the shower cap & then style as usually

Now you have instant highlights! Remember not to wet your locks, this is a temporany hair color and will wash out! Also note that it may run if it gets in contact with water. I would also suggest using a stain bonnet if you plan on rocking this more then 1 day. Have fun =).To see the result of my highlights click here.

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  1. I plan on doing this after I get my hair retightened this week. I don't want to style my hair too much until its healthy, but I want to be a tadbit adventurous. I was thinking of being a little crazy with some color and go for pink. Have you seen anything or read anything on how Jerome Russell's pink comes out on Sisterlocks?

  2. I have seen pink, purple, and red spray on sisterlocks but I don't remember what brand they used. They all came out looking like the color they promised though. So if you looking for pink sisterlocks, I'm pretty sure they will come out pink. Just make sure you rinse your sisterlocks really well when you take it out. Also since you took a while to retighten your locks, you may experience some slippage due to the extra washing of your locks just to take this color off. Since you know how to retighten your own hair, I don't see that being a problem ^_^.

  3. Hehehe it shouldn't as long as I make myself retigthen them lol...but hopefully Jerome's pink will turn out to be the bright pink I want. Thanks for the info...


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