How To: Create Faux Bangs on Longer Sisterlocks

8:51 AM

If you thinking of cutting your sisterlocks to create a bang or if you curious on how you would look like with a bang, then this post is for you. You don't need to cut your locks in order to have that bang.

Kawaii Locks was longer then mines, so doing this was difficult at first, and took many attempted because I was trying to bend my locks twice, when I really didn't need to do that. So below was my attempt in creating the faux bang and how I did it. When my locks get longer, I will try it her way again, since right now my bangs look long lol.

Material Needed
Some Type of Bun (Sponge or Clip on Sponge)
Magnetic Rollers (Optional)

Step 1 - I split my locks in the middle, since I didn't want my bangs to be bulky.

Step 2 - Grab the middle portion of your hair, and bring it to the front. This portion will be sitting on top of the middle split that you did in Step 1. Note: For even longer locks, you need to bend the middle locks in half again. The end result needs to look like a bang.

Step 3 - You then going to grab your sides and just bring them to the back to create a ponytail. Then proceed in creating your bun.

Step 4 - This is a totally optional step. If you want your bang to lay more naturally, grab a big magnetic roller(s), and apply it to your bang. Click here for the how to on apply magnetic rollers. Note: This will increase the length of your bang, but it will also give you a softer bend.

I did the result with the bun, and without it to see how I would look. I like both result and I look forward to trying it with the fishtails. If you want to see how this final style turns out, click here.

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