How fun!!! Loc Jewelries Made by Me

2:30 PM

Below are loc jewelries I have made for myself. I'm not perfect yet, and I do need some more practice before I open my own store (details to be announce later) but below are the ones that I thought look decent enough to share and wear. If you want to learn how to make a simple loc jewelry, click here. If you are interested in making loc ties, click here. If you are curious about my hair and how I got it like that, click here.

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  1. Very nice! I like the colorful wire will have to get some of that I hope you'll have the hair ties in your future shop!

    1. Yes...I will have both hair ties and the loc jewelries ^_^. I'm a perfectionist, so I want everything to be prefect for my future customer’s lol.

  2. Very pretty! I look forward to seeing the items in your store!!

    1. Thanks Terez!!! I'm really excited about it. Most likely I will be focusing on that this upcoming month.

  3. I really love this piece! Are you still selling them?

    1. I have not start selling them yet, but I will be setting up a store soon when I come back from Greece. My store set up end up being delay due to resents events.


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