What I Wore: Classic Polka Dot Dress with Hints of Red

8:32 AM

The last couple of months are always my favorite months. You have thanksgivings, and then later down the road is Christmas & New Years. The only thing that would make these holidays perfect is if we had some fall foliage & a little snow (for about a week for us Floridians lol). Below is the outfit I wore to my thanksgiving dinner. Note: I had a red waist belt, but now it is too big, so I had to make use of the default navy belt :(.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I sure enjoy mines and this dress was perfect for hiding the stomach bunged I rock after consuming all that food. Sisterlocks were pinned up with a Mega Flexi-8 (examples can be found here). Sorry for some of the blurry pictures guys, was running super late due to make up application -_-.

Outfit consist of Classic Polka Dot Dress | Navy Waist Belt | Red Heels | Small Red Clutch/Wallet | Pearl Accessories

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  1. Soo cute! Make up looks great too! WOW the weather must be nice there you're making me miss summer/spring weather lol

    1. LOL...Florida is a trip. We get spring/summer/fall usually in one week. Thanks for the compliment and the comments. Really appreciate it :D.

  2. Girl you're working that outfit. I love it!! The Make-up is nice and hair is nice.


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